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It’s pretty common to feel a bit down during the winter, especially because the days are shorter and we barely see any sun, but there are a few simple ways you can transform an uneventful day into a relaxing one. There are actually a few scientific ways that have proven to be beneficial for the mind and soul, such as exercise and a simple smile! But here are a few other ways you can lift up your mood in a matter of seconds:

1 Get out of the house, take a walk to a cute coffee shop around the corner to change your mind.

2 – Whilst you’re out of the house, go buy some beautiful flowers on your way home and place them in a vase when you get home.

3 – Light up nice smelling candles as soon as it starts getting dark outside.

4 – Take a bath, close your eyes, and relax.

5 – Choose a new recipe online, go grocery shopping and cook (or bake).

6 – Go to the cinema by yourself (trust me – it’s very therapeutic).

7 – Start a new book.

8 – Turn off your phone for a few hours, and stay away from any forms of social media.

9 – Head to the park and make a bucket list for the year.

10 – Go shopping, and get yourself a comfortable pair of trousers to relax at home.

11 – Invite your friends over and do something different, such as playing a board game or doing some DIY crafts.

12 – Do your laundry – nothing beats the smell of clean clothes.

13 – Make yourself a comfort drink such as a lemon and ginger tea.

14 – Bake some cookies  – and enjoy it with some milk.

15 – Go and have lunch on a sunny terrace with a blanket.

16 – Take off your bra and socks as soon as you get home from work.

17 – Go to your local swimming pool and hit the sauna.

18 – Pamper yourself for a few hours and do a face and hair mask.

19 – Make a friendly gesture on your way out, such as helping an elderly person to cross the street or donating some old clothes to a charity.

20 – Watch one of these really bad yet super entertaining reality tv shows for an hour or two, and then talk about it with your best friend.

21 – Buy new sheets for your bedroom.

22 – Do your nails properly.

23 Listen to your favorite album and organize your closet.

24 – Go for Brunch with the girls and forget about your diet for the day.

25 – And finally, call your mom or your sister for a good chat.



Image: Ta7rich

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