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The hottest month of the year is creeping up on us and it’s not because we haven’t been able to book our next getaway that we haven’t been filing up our shopping carts with our go-to summer essentials! We love our diverse sense of styles here at TWC and here are the team’s packing lists for the summer:

Kira – mix and match

Kira’s motto is all about straightforward and enduring style with accessories that add a little something extra. She believes in long-lasting items that are easy to mix and match to create completely new outfits. Gone are the days of excess baggage fees, as she always plans ahead to make sure she packs only her most essential and favorite items! Here’s a peek into what she’ll be wearing this summer:

Annie – all about ease

As you may already know, Annie is the beauty guru in our team and her summer beauty style is all about ease. When it’s warm out, she doesn’t want to spend a lot of time applying heavy, uncomfortable makeup! “Adding some sparkle can definitely help elevate a quick and easy makeup look” she shares. Scroll down to find out her top picks for the best holiday beauty routine from lightweight SPF creams, to the best summer scents and colourful and fun eyeshadows.

Aurore – ultimate beach vibes

Aurore always packs whatever the destination with a trip to the beach in mind. “I know it’s very unlikely to hit the beach on a city trip but honestly, you never know” she adds. Her summer wardrobe is all about tonal beige, whites and a tint of yellow that is reminiscent of the sun. Similarly to Kira, she has finally understood (after many years of paying the extra luggage) the importance of packing smartly to avoid any unexpected airport surcharge, so for her it’s all about packing 3-5 statement pieces to wear with simple denim shorts or skirts. Find out her favourite hair products to complete the beach look.

Sandra – the conscious packer

Sandra is eco-conscious, and every time she plans a new trip, she follows that with a sustainable packing list. Some of the products she always takes with her are a reusable water bottle, cutlery set and straws, as well as reusable small coffee cups and cotton mesh bags, and even snack in reusable containers (like small jam jars). In her beauty bag she always packs some natural shampoo and soap bars, bamboo toothbrush and eco-friendly sunscreen like Caudalie (no oxybenzone or octinoxate, which are chemicals that kill corals). Want to find out more? Here are her top picks.

Freddie – oversized + pastel

Frederika’s go-to summer style is anything floaty, oversized and pastel toned. Her favourite brands for these kind of looks are ASOS, Zimmermann and &OtherStories. For summer holidays, she likes to pack as little as possible (to make room for all the things she may bring back) so she always makes sure to pack lots of versatile, smaller accessories to make her outfits work from beach to bar. For the selection below, she picked garments she feels can be worn in many different ways, for multiple occasions and settings. “The biggest thing for me when it comes to a summer wardrobe is that it MUST be versatile” she adds.

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