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As you already know from a previous article on the growing unpopularity of print magazines, there is a particular one we’ve been watching closely: Bustle. In a time where Condé Nast is laying off employees and closing down offices, the digital group seems to be on a digital spree.

Bustle Digital Group is said to be the largest publisher to reach the most millennial women in the world. Nearly 80 million readers turn to Bustle group for their lifestyle, fashion and beauty publications on popular website such as Bustle, the group’s women magazines, Romper, a site for Millennial moms, Elite Daily, and The Zoe Report. The group mainly focuses on women and their lifestyle, including pop culture, parenthood, health etc.

The group was founded in 2013 and its HQ is in NYC, with offices in LA and London. The newest addition to the company is The Zoe Report, which was officially announced in March of last year, and the group’s CEO said this would be the first in a series of fashion acquisitions for the company with the aim to become the “digital native Condé Nast”. The Bustle team is highly talked about, with a group of former employees of other well-known publishing companies such as Charlotte Owen, whom they poached from Condé Nast and Jack Gillespie from Mashable.

The Business of Fashion even referred to the group as the new Condé Nast in a publication earlier this year, claiming that the company’s focus on women media is the future of successful media companies.

Since the start of the group in 2013, Jason Wagenheim, the chief revenue officer said that the group will keep on making smart moves for the business and collaborating with other, well-known websites.

“We realized that we’re bigger than our competitors like Popsugar and Refinery 29,” he said.

The women-focused publisher recently expanded into the UK last May and planned their UK content in line with its US strategy, focusing on the entire country rather than just London city girls. The group plans to publish 10 to 15 stories a day covering topics such as politics, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and planned to put into place a UK-dedicated media strategy, which has already accumulated nearly 3k followers within the first month of its launch. Former Mashable sales exec Jack Gillespie and former Vanity Fair strategy editor Charlotte Owen are in charge of this operation in Europe.

“The UK was the obvious next place for us to expand,” Wagenheim said during an interview with Press Gazette. “It’s clear our content is already resonating among millennial women. We look forward to helping marketers in the UK find innovative ways to connect with them.”

One of the most popular reasons why Bustle is at its peak in popularity is also due to their position covering the most entertaining and inclusive coverage of pop culture, news, and lifestyle created for and by women. The diversity focus for Bustle is one of the main strategies for the company, making it a brilliant read for both men and women around the world.

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What are your thoughts on this women-focused publishing company? We would love to know your thoughts so feel free to let us know what YOU think the future of the media industry is.

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