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I’ve just come out of the cinema after seeing Little Women and thought it was only right to give homage to one of the best directors of our time: Greta Gerwig.

Born in California, the 36 year old writer and director has not stopped to dazzle us with amazing films such as Lady Bird, Mistress America, and finally Little Women.

She grew up in Sacramento and attended an all-girls Catholic school and has said that there are a lot of similarities between her film Lady Bird and her childhood. Similarly to the character in Lady Bird, her parents had the same careers as her character’s parents, but has said that she is a very different person to the main character, and is much more of a *rule follower*. She even shared in an interview with the New York Times that she once peed her pants during a math test as she wasn’t sure she was allowed to get up!

It was thanks to Lady Bird that her career really took off which had not always been an easy process for her. This film in particular Tok her years to write, and she faced a lot of financial bumps while she was trying to finance the film. But what I wanted to talk about most was her amazing adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s 19th century masterpiece “Little Women”.

This film has wowed critics from all over the world and the film has said to really stay faithful to the book and narrative and we highly recommend it!

Other than having credits as a screenwriter, Greta has also had a few acting gigs and has acted in 25 films. Because she started her career playing in very low budget films, she also had to work multiple jobs which included tutoring, babysitting and others to pay the bills.

Greta Gerwig has admitted in a few interviews that she has never considered herself *cool* and feels that is is a bit more of a book nerd. And was a keen ballet dancer but decided to quit in her youth due to her height (she is 5 foot 9!)

All in all, all this to say that we completely admire the screenwriter and absolutely love her work. We particularly love the way she is able to portray beautiful women in all of her films, and are glad to hear that she is planing on focusing more and more on women’s films.

“I want to produce women’s films, because I think women want to see films made by people who know what they’re talking about, what the experience is.” She told the crowd at the Women in Entertainment Summit.

Greta is effortlessly glamorous, she is confident and has been described in numerous magazine articles as “talking with her whole body”. She is inspired and passionate about changing the way women are portrayed in Hollywood.

Excited to see what’s next for her? So are we! But in the meantime, how about some Greta Gerwig’s wardrobe inspired shopping session below?

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