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The moment has finally arrived – you’ve signed the lease to your new apartment and are ready to dive straight into making it the home of your dreams. But where exactly should you start the decorating process? Should you spend days flipping through Architectural Digest and other home inspiration magazines, as well as Pinterest or would it be quicker to simply head to the nearest Ikea and start ordering? You will come across a bunch of complex sounding industry terms that will describe your style, but don’t let those intimidate you. Only you will find out as you research and decorate your home, whether you’re more of a mid century modern lover, or more Victorian? Do you like and feel comfortable in a more unified and monochrome look, or are you ready to experiment and look outside the box?

Whichever road you’re going down, know that there’s no rush in ordering that one bedside table or choosing a wallpaper print or colour. Because once it’s there, it’s here to stay – and those will be items you’ll be attached to and have to look at every day for at least a year (or depending on your lease). And so, we’d like to remind you that decorating your home is very much like picking out clothes in your wardrobe. The way you furnish your apartment will reflect on your personality, your preferences, and the general view of how your ideal home should look like.

Before we make this seem more of a daunting task than it actually is – moving into your first home shows accomplishment, dedication and your proper start into adulthood. Most importantly, it should be a creative and fun process, getting to know your groove and penchant. So while you’re midway through pinning your dreamy home via Pinterest, we’ve rounded up a few tips on where best to start, what to pay attention to, and that decorating all at once is not necessary, nor recommended.

Where to start?

The process can seem overwhelming, but don’t let yourself fall into the trap. Start by pinning your ideal home decor – whether its a colour palette, a specific wallpaper or a particular vibe you imagine yourself living in. Then, make sure this also falls in line with (if that’s the case) your room mate or partner – never assume that one kitchen chair is loved by everyone.

Where to invest?

We’ve had our share of new homes and came to the following key areas most people invest the most in: bedroom and living room, followed closely by the bathroom. The easiest way to approach this is to think about the areas you’ll be spending the most time in. A comfortable bed is crucial, but so is a sofa in the living area. Make these two your top priorities. A kitchen should be the least of your worries unless you’re a food blogger, a cook or love to cook up a storm. Do make sure it’s properly equipped but don’t go overboard with the appliances – they can get very pricey very quickly, and not everyone needs the newest NutriBullet).

Two other areas we’d like to spotlight are the wallpapers and your light fixtures. These two are a focal point when entering a room and can have a substantial influence. Speaking of wallpapers, feel free to paint your walls by all means – but don’t get scared off by fancy looking wallpapers pictured in luxury homes – beautiful wallpapers can be purchased online as well as in-store at very affordable price points.

Be patient & take your time

…but keep in mind that many items need to be ordered beforehand and aren’t available for delivery instantly. And on the matter of being patient – don’t get disappointed if that one coffee table you saw in a magazine isn’t available anymore or way out of your budget. There’s always another piece, it’s just a matter of looking! The more you take your time, the more you’ll have time to mull over a few key points and hence avoid hasty decisions.

Decorate as you go

Your home will reflect your style and taste to anyone walking in, so we suggest buying the bigger pieces first, primarily so you don’t find yourself sitting on the floor for the first months while you’re waiting for a place to sleep. Decorate as you go – it will be the only and safest way to realize what you’re missing and what would best fit into your home. As time goes by, you’ll pick up a few things from your travels or while scouring through a Sunday flea market and will be glad you didn’t purchase all your goods in the early days.


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