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Blimey, it’s been hot… and when I say hot I mean scorching summer heat that makes us realize (us Londoners) that we are so not made to live in Rome or Barcelona. But whilst we’re contemplating missing work to escape the 37 degrees tube ride, there are a few ways you can cool yourself down (other than pouring water all over your face) and we couldn’t wait to share these tricks with y’all.

Keep in mind that this type of heat can be very dangerous for your physical health but also for your mind and well-being. You’ve got to make sure you; first of all, optimize the use of your fans, avoid the sun if you’re not feeling 100% but most importantly, drink water.


This has to make our number 1 in our list of things you need to do during this hot weather. You’ve got to stay hydrated all year long but when you sweat a lot, you’ve got to think of your body as a sort of air conditioner. Whenever your body heats up; it begins to sweat, which also means that it is using a coolant (your sweat) to make your skin more comfortable, but that also means you have to refill the tank!

So whenever you leave the house, make sure you have a filled up water bottle in your purse, especially if you’re about to get the tube. Better yet, try and keep as many filled up water bottles in the fridge either overnight or for a few hours, because there’s nothing better than ice cold water to do the trick.


Fans, or air circulators, are a necessity in this heat. If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling fan, make sure you make it run counter-clockwise for optimum cooling. Many fans are available on stores such as Amazon or Argos at a wide range of prices, and believe us, choosing the right one for you can be a difficult decision, yet one you won’t regret.

There are different types of fans such as the oscillating fan (the ones that move back and forth), the box fans (portable units you can move around), window fans (the ones you leave on your windows), ceiling fans etc. The list is exhausting. To help you out in your decision we’ve tried a few. Here are our top 3:

  1. If you’ve got a bit of extra cash, we highly recommend the Dyson Cool fan – the ultimate best on the market.
  2. Or if you’ve got a smaller flat, why not get a simple tower fan, they are very efficient in cooling down a compact space.
  3. And finally, if you’re always on the move and hate heating up in the tube, you also have the option of keeping a mini portable fan in your bag!


Summer is the ideal time to eat outside but nobody wants to eat a dish or drink a fresh drink that has been heated up by the sun, not to mention that eating a hot meal when you’re overheating is not exactly the most enjoyable option. Ovens can seriously heat up the room, especially if you live in a flat as small as mine. So stick to salads, sandwiches or even omelets!


I know that being hot all day can bring you down, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to exercise. You can either enjoy the air conditioning at the gym or use your common sense to switch to water sports or doing your jog a bit later in the day to avoid getting sun-stroked.

Another great way to exercise in the heat is by exercising in short bursts or using precooling techniques including drinking an ice cold slushie before or even draping a cold rag around your neck. Starting your exercise with a cooled down body can actually improve your endurance in this weather by 4%!


There’s nothing worse than waking up drenched in your sweat (sexy, I know) but seriously, summer can be awful when you’re trying to shut your eyes. If you’re also feeling a bit insomniac this week, you could cool your head with a chilled pillow, sleep on top of a wet sheet or keep a nice breeze in your bedroom.

But you can also cool your body down before going to bed by knowing your best cooling points. By applying an ice cube wrapped in a town to your three pulse points, we promise you’ll stay cool much longer. The three cool points are your wrist, your neck and the inside of your knees, and ankles! Go ahead, try it out and thank us later!


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