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I am turning 28 in a few days, and I can’t help but feel that it might be time to step up my grown up style game. Being well-dress is a discipline, it takes time, money and also a lot of learning but it seems like the older I get, the more I feel pressured to dress my age.

Wearing appropriate clothing according to your age is all about adapting the way your body is changing throughout the years, focusing on different parts of your figure you would like to flaunt, thinking about how it matches your lifestyle, but also, it’s all about keeping up with the seasonal trends. Doesn’t sound that easy, right? Well, on top of all that, people’s style of living can change in a heartbeat (we’re talking babies, promotions, new boyfriends) along with our interests and tastes. For example, it’s fair to say I am officially done with crop tops in the summer because let’s face it: I’m getting close to 30.

Tip #1: don’t panic

Whilst most women’s reaction in a moment of panic would be to throw away all of the clothes they bought more than 2 years ago, this is not the way to go. You first need to be honest with yourself and contemplate whether specific items are still age appropriate or if you’re just keeping them for sentimental value. Turning a year older doesn’t however always imply you will renew or upgrade your wardrobe, it all depends on the way you feel about yourself and the people you surround yourself with. Let’s just say that if you got ID’d last week in that pub you were at, it might be worth thinking about lengthening your skirts.

Tip #2: everybody’s figure changes

For example personally, between the ages of 25-27 I never really sat down and thought about the way my 25 year-old self would dress compared to my 27 self. It just kind of happened with my work situation, increase in earning and overall awareness that I wanted to be taken seriously. If you feel a bit unsure of what you should be wearing at your age, you can simply let your body decide for yourself. Not fitting in your favourite jeans from when you turned 20 is completely normal. It doesn’t mean you’ve put on weight and need a diet, it simply shows that your women-like features need more room to feel cozy and sexy.

Does wearing this leather dress make you as comfortable as it did when you bought it 3 years ago? Would you feel confident wearing this outfit at your Christmas party? All of these simple, yet effective question will make your life much easier when deciding your life-changing wardrobe swap. Because no matter your age, style and confidence level: there’s no point keeping old clothes you don’t feel great in.

Tip #3: reinvent your style

Moving away from your old style towards your new one doesn’t have to be about drastically giving up on your favourite items. Better yet, this gives you the opportunity to refine that style you’ve been aiming for and mix and match it with other, maybe more sophisticated items such as an edgy pair of heels, a fancy leather belt or even some red lipstick.

Tip #4: hello handsome men

Now in terms of celebrating your new age, there’s nothing easier to feel a bit more fashionable and grown up than to add more accessory to your day-to-day outfit. For example, you might still love your go-to boyfriend jeans paired with your grey cashmere sweater but instead of just throwing a white pair of sneakers on with sunglasses, you could slip on a pair of angle boots and bring your hair up to show off your chunky yet sophisticated pair of earrings. Hello mature, handsome men, we’re coming for you!

Tip #5: do your research

Just remember that at the end of the day, the most important aspect of ageing in regards to your fashion style (and everything else for that matter) is to be happy. If the clothes you were wearing when you were 25 still make you happy and confident at 30, then go for it. All we’re saying is that growing older is also the perfect opportunity to grow wiser with your style as well as to take the chance to express your personality evolution through your clothes! Our biggest tip here would be to update your magazine subscriptions with more age-appropriate style tips, but also ask the one person you’ve always looked up to for fashion advice (in my case my mom) as they’ve probably been there and done that.

Curious about my personal style-goal for my new age? I am going to focus on spending a bit more money on items that will last me a lifetime, and upgrade my workout wardrobe.

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