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What is according to you, more exciting between winning a few pounds from a £1 scratch card, getting through to the special bonus round at the local pub quiz and winning a giveaway competition on Instagram? Tough choice, isn’t it? That’s because all are based around the idea of getting a treat for either little effort or a small price.

It’s clear that IG giveaways have become a massive incentive to brands and companies to grow their audiences on social channels. With a global community of over 1 billion instagram users, and around 4.2 billion likes per day, it’s safe to say that the social media platform is a clear channel any brand should be investing time, and money into.

The great aspect of the specific platform, is that brands can easily use that visual aspect of the feed to not only advertise their products so that they can be seen and liked, but also give a very small number away to make people truly interested in their products. And guess what ladies and gents, we’ve got a very exciting one launching before the end of the month, so you better watch our feed and stories very closely!

Instagram in particular lends itself perfectly to what companies call “User Generated Content” which is the simple way brands can get users (like you and me) to advertise their products for free, or at a small price. Not only does doing Instagram contest help brands with their strategy, it also is a very easy way to increase your followers, build a loyal community of customers, and get direct customer feedback. 

Enough about the marketing side however, because what we’re really interested in is *where* these giveaways are taking place and *what* the best giveaways have been throughout the years. 


We LOVE hydro flask here at TWC and all have our bespoke bottle, which is why we’re loyal followers of their IG account and absolutely love their feed and giveaways! Best part about their products is not only that they are environmentally friendly, but they also invite everyone to have an active and healthy lifestyle. Got yours yet?

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GIVEAWAY!☀️ We’re teaming up with our friends at @Sunbum & @Babybum to take your summer stoke to the next level! Enter to win this sweet summer prize pack by following the steps below. Contest ends tonight (2/9) at midnight be sure to get your entries in! 1. Follow @Hydroflask, @Sunbum & @BabyBum. 2. Tag friend below and let them know where you’re wanting to travel with these essentials this summer! Winner will be announced in the comments ‪2/10 at 5pm PST‬. Good luck! (U.S only 18+, See official rules at #HeyLetsGo . . WINNER WINNER! Congrats to our lucky winners @nvargas71 & @livilipnic 🥳🎉 Woot woot! Please send us a DM with your shipping info and we’ll get you set up! Thanks everyone!

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That’s right, this is for all our beauty loving friends out there because believe it or not, Birchbox is actually filled with fun competitions and giveaways on their instagram account. Between free subscriptions and opportunities to try new products, we know you’ll want to try your luck with this one!


You might be getting tired of us talking about the beautiful jewellery collections from LOU.YETU but the Parisian-based brand are literally the king and queens of weekly IG giveaways. Sometimes they will ask you to re-post their pictures, or share some of your own images wearing their jewellery all in the hope to win a very tempting prize.

Watch out for our upcoming collaboration and giveaway in the next few weeks and in the meantime we are sending a lot of lucky positive vibes your way!

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