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There are actually endless of reasons why it’s important to celebrate diversity in both your personal and professional life. With the current political climate and ongoing growth of diversity protests, we thought it would be an ideal time to talk about the significance and benefits of the immersion of diverse communities and cultures.

Diversity can be perceived in a few different ways, whether based on someone’s nationality, community, skin color, religion, gender or even culture, and it’s critical that you understand how and why diversity is beneficial everywhere you go.

When people from different backgrounds or nationalities come and work together, they very often manage to find and combine distinct ways of thinking, unique ideas, and varied inspirations, which is without a doubt helpful for a business looking to grow and blossom at a fast pace. Imagine a room full of people from the same town, with the same background and similar upbringings. Do you really think this room, although full of people, would come up with as many inspired concepts/solutions or even interpretations compared to a room full of diverse communities? The first group would most likely have a very similar way of thinking, great for autonomy but not for creativity.

Let’s put it simply: if everyone were the same, the world would be a (very) boring place. Businesses are always on the lookout for progress and innovation, and diversity can bring that creativity the way nothing else can.

There are however workplaces that won’t take the risk so to say, of opening their doors to certain groups of people during their hiring process, due to the issue of religious holidays and/or the efforts that have to be made to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Sure, diversity requires compromise, but we wouldn’t change that for a second!

In terms of companies and businesses, it’s also important for everyone to understand that diversity can broaden up its reach in terms of clients/customers as well as targeting various audiences. The more diverse your writers are, for instance if you work for a newspaper or in the media world, the wider the audience will be in regards to interaction and interest.

Members of staff with varied backgrounds will be able to empathise and solve issues, especially with client-based jobs, which offers a much more tailored support for the clients.

According to a study made in MIT, racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35%.

The reason why some companies choose to be non-diverse is usually because they’re afraid of “conflict” within their team, although it’s been proven that this can actually spark more communication, interaction, and engagement between team members.

There are however a lot of components that make diversity quite tricky, or hard to understand and perhaps most importantly, value. This is mostly due to history, especially in relation to violence, racism, and religion. See, it has taken a (very) long time for diversity to be accepted on a worldwide level, and there are still many parts of the world where it isn’t especially seen as a positive, or should I say a necessary thing. There still is a lot of racism in various parts of the world and many nations are struggling to accept new communities in their countries, based on controversies in culture and politics.

Although the most commonly used definition of diversity is entertwined with this idea of someone’s skin color or nationality, there is also a huge issue in gender equality, especially in the workplace.

As you probably know, women around the world have been standing up much more for their rights in the last decade, especially in the workplace and in regards to pay gaps. One popular solution to that gap that has been put into practice are blind interviews. These interviews disregard gender, race and any other factors that could influence the hiring process.

According to a study published in Harvard, blind auditions could increase the hiring percentage of women by 20-46% – which is a  huge increase.

The reason why it’s crucial to understand equal pay, although ingrained in the history of the world, is simply because it’s fair. Why would a woman be paid less than a man in either a lower or equal position? There is actually no logic to it, especially if the results are equal. Not to mention that both women and men bring positive value to a workplace. But this argument also fits with any other bias hiring process, or prejudice in life.

Children should also be culturally aware, and taught that diversity is a great aspect of the world, as soon as in pre-school and at home. They should be taught languages, appreciate cultural differences but also overcome early signs of stereotypes.

Everybody should be given equal opportunities, disregarding where they come from or what they look like, so make sure you go out and meet people, favor diversity but most importantly, stand up for any injustice you might see in your surrounding.


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