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I’m personally all about saving up for one or two festivals during the Summer. Why not, right? But this is also a hobby that can get somewhat expensive, which is why this week, I wanted to focus on all the fun and free festivals you could join us at.

What exactly are you a sucker for? Is it loads of food stalls? Cheese? Wine and beer? Or simply good old street music? Whatever it is that floats your boat, we’ll have an option for you so put on your festival glitter on and get ready for some fun!

Luckily for you, London has got so much going on in the summer, and the year-long festival programme isn’t going to allow you to sit at home and worry about your wallet.

Notting Hill Carnaval

Let’s start with the most popular, and historic festival out there: the Notting Hill Carnaval. Having been going since 1959 and now attracting more than a million people from around the world every single year, the late August festival is one you can enjoy for the price of literally zero pounds (depending on how much you drink, that is). The festival celebrates the Caribbean culture, between dancing, street music and gorgeous parades.

Sunday is a family day, with smaller crowds and family-friendly music and floats, whereas the Monday is all about the crazy street party. The only downside? It can get very packed and busy, and a lot of the tubes will be closed to avoid overcrowding so try to meet up with your friends in advance.

When? 25 – 26 August 2019 // Where? Notting Hill Gate station // Why? Free music 

In the Neighbourhood 

All Points East is one of London’s best (and most popular) music festivals which has a sizzling line up this year. But the tickets start at £60, which brings us to introducing the festival’s little brother: the In The Neighbourhood festival. The festival is taking place on the 2nd of May (next Bank Holiday weekend) and is around Victoria Park. What can you expect? Free outdoor cinemas, some theatre, free live music and much more!

When? 27th – 30th May // Where? Victoria Park // Why? Free outdoor cinema

Pride: Brighton

Who would say no to laying half naked (with a bathing suit, of course) full of body glitter with a glass of mojito by your side? I surely wouldn’t, which is why I’ve attended Pride in the coastal city of Brighton on a yearly basis. Pride Brighton is known as the most popular Pride event in the country and this has a lot to do with the nice weather and great atmosphere of the city.

I would recommend walking along the glittering and inclusive streets of the community, and enjoy the free experiences. Although there is the opportunity to pay to enter the more VIP areas (which cost between £10-£30, it still is an affordable and unique experience.

When?  2nd – 4th August// Where? Brighton // Why? getting your face glittered up by strangers

Feria de Londres

Finally, to finish off this list with an Ohle! We wanted to introduce one of our favourites, and newest street parties yet, inspired by Southern Spain’s traditional Spring fairs. The Feria de Londres is a celebration of Spanish cuisine and entertainment, from decorated streets, mouth-watering foods and drinks and dances, we’re sure you’ll feel like you are in the middle of Andalusia.

For its third year, the Feria is going to be filled with entertainers, traditional costumes and family-friendly activities the kids will love. There will be plenty of food for everyone, such as croquettes, ham Iberico, tortillas and more which we’re certain you won’t want to miss out on. All this – for free!

When?  24th-26th May// Where? Southbank // Why? the ham and cheese croquetas, why else?

Which festival are you most likely to attend? And have you got more recommendations for us? Please do let us know in the comments below.

To get you in the spirit – here are some handpicked festival outfits for you!

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