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This week, we’ve had the chance to partner up with London-based jewellery studio Tada & Toy   to put together a very special gift guide for you. Are you also a bit of a last-minute Christmas shopper and yet like to get special gifts for your loved ones? Look no further as we’ve got just what you need to impress your misses, cheer your mother up or even treat your little sister to one of the finest jewellery she will ever own,

We’ve categorised the collections by Tada & Toy into three different sections depending on your budget, but also what type of gift you would like to make. Stocking fillers are much smaller and yet can add a kind and personal touch to their stockings. These can also be to put on the table as a little gift on their plate, as well as be added to a bigger gift found to add on to their favourite jewellery collections.

What is it that makes this brand in particular special? We absolutely love their fun and youthful approach to high quality designs that last forever. You’ll notice that all the designs are accessible and yet modern, and each collections are created for the everyday woman. There is also the option to make your piece of jewellery a bit more special by stacking them up and using layers to create flawless and modern looks, but there is also the option to wear them on their own, as a statement piece.

Not in the mood to buy any more gifts and would rather treat yourself? Go ahead, nobody will stop you and we promise we won’t tell! Oh, and did we mention there is a 10% discount for Christmas across the entire site?

Stocking fillers

These little gifts are literally to die for! Whether your special someone loves to stack up the hoops and earrings, or if they are more of a simple ring type of gal, there’s plenty of choice in there. Great news is that most of these products are sold in three different colours, such as gold, rose gold, and silver! Tell us, which one is your favourite? We adore those heart shaped earrings

Gifts under £50

The great thing about setting yourself a reasonable budget for your gifts, is that you will be able to treat more members of your family, and you can be certain that any of the gifts in this section will make their day. All of those earrings are unique, fitting for both the women that love to party, to the more feminine and chic ones. Our top pick in this price range however has got to be the constellation cluster crystal cuff, or will it be the pretty metallic bracelet that will make it under the Christmas tree for you this year?

Gifts under £150

Do you want to splurge a little bit and get that very special and unique gift for your loved ones this year? These selected items are surely a bit more pricey due to their gorgeous platted stones and coloured stones, from baby pink to green and purple. Better yet, some even don’t need a pierced earring to wear them such as this pair of gorgeous treasure cuffs! Curious? Check out all of the collections below!

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Featured images via Tada & Toy

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