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In today’s society, it’s common to feel pressured to succeed at a certain age and it can be pretty easy to get yourself down and feel like you are never going to be as successful as your siblings, friends and even roommates. Which is why we’ve decided to put a list of 6 inspirational people that turned their lives around after their 30s, and faced incredible success.

Not only is it in frequent for some of our number one artists and intellects to take their time to succeed, it is also sometimes also usual for them to face failure before tasting the sweet taste of accomplishment. Although we know that fairy godmothers belongs in fairytales, these good old rags-to-riches stories will without a doubt inspire you to become the most successful version of yourself without the help of magic, and make you realise you have to keep believing in your dreams if you really want to become what you aspire to be.

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman whom most of you will know by his role in Harry Potter as Severus Snape, wasn’t in his first movie until he was 46! At just 26 years old, after leaving a successful graphic art company, he was accepted to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic arts and shortly after found himself in numerous plays. Although he wasn’t an unsuccessful actor, it took another good 18 years for him to finally end up on the big movie screen. That’s right, it’s never too late!

Charles Darwin

The father of evolution is also an inspiration story, as it wasn’t until the age of 50 that he published his famous book “On the Origin of Species“. Despite a lot of rejection and content criticism, the biologist is now known as one of the greatest minds having ever existed and we will all have studied him in our high school Biology class.

Arianna Huffington

It’s hard to believe that one of the most recognisable names in online publications was once rejected by dozens of massive publishers. She even claims her second ever publication was rejected over 30 times, and even the after that, the well known Huffington Post wasn’t a success right away either. Arianna however overcame those initial setbacks and is now known as one of the most successful names in the online publication world. This truly shows it’s so important you never give up and let others control your faith.

Tom Ford

The king of fashion comes from an unexpectedly mundane background. Both of his parents were realtors and he was actually a keen actor in his youth. Tom Ford was very quickly introduced to the buzzing life of New York city and was a regular at Studio 54, which is where he came out of the closet and where his inspirations from the disco style of his later designs come from. Tom Ford graduated with a degree in architecture and recalls calling his first ever employer and designer Cathy Hardwick every single day for a month until she agreed to give him an interview. This opportunity enabled him to get an introduction to the fashion world, and I think you know the rest of the story!

Steven King

The author of some of the greatest horror and science fictions books did not start with an easy life and career break. Not only did Steven King not have a happy childhood, his first novel Carrie was also rejected over 30 times by publishers before being picked up by Doubleday Publishing in 1973. Since then, the author has gotten an extensive list of awards and praises, making him one of the most successful authors in the world.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez dropped out of college after only one semester, and found herself struggling to figure out what she wanted to do as a career. Her parents wanted her to become successful and gain an academic degree but Jennifer decided to stay true to her passion and become a pop star. Along with other artists, Jennifer Lopez is a true success story and has become a role model for empowering both young women and minority groups to chase their deepest dreams.

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