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how to rekindle your love

Newsflash girls and boys: relationships are hard work, and they’re definitely full of compromises, patience, and difficult times. The one thing that makes us most upset though here at TWC is the perception that (especially in the media) men are supposed to make all the efforts – but how is that fair? Sure, it’s completely expected for him to treat you as a gentleman would, but what can you do to do make him feel special as well? Don’t worry we’ve got some tricks under our sleeves to make things better when times are hard, and that will make him fall in love all over again.

Surprise him with something spontaneous…

… such as a fun activity or something he loves doing with his mates. Just the fact that you’re making an effort to plan something that he absolutely loves doing will not only make his day but also bring you closer together. Try and make it an interactive activity such as bowling, mini golf or even playing a two-player video game.

Cook his favorite recipe…

… and make him feel special. You know the whole “valentine’s day” tradition, well we don’t think it’s very necessary because you should be doing special things all year long. I can’t think of anything nicer than coming home after a hard and long day, to a nicely set table with my favorite home cooked meal in my plate – so why wouldn’t he love it as well?

Take the time to talk about life…

… and his inspirations. Sometimes life gets in the way, and we forget to take the time to discuss one another’s dreams. This conversation could lead to both of you realize you need a change of scenery such as a new apartment or just a proper holiday to escape the routine! But remember, this time is about him and what his needs are. Women tend to overshadow their men with their emotional journey, but men have emotions too!

Make an effort in the bedroom…

… and we don’t mean you should be doing anything you don’t want to do, but sexy lingerie and a bit of romance can really go a long way because let’s face it: sex is important. Mostly because it’s essential to feel close emotionally but also physically.

Take an interest in what he loves…

… this could be as easy as googling his favorite band, an author, a football team or movie director and surprise him with some facts on a date night. He will absolutely love to discuss what he is passionate about with you, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Not only will he appreciate the effort on your side, but this will also enable you to understand what gets him hooked a bit more.

Get him a gift…

… such as a book he has been talking about for days, or his perfume, shaving cream or even a nice t-shirt. I don’t understand why society thinks men should make all the efforts in a relationship – it should be about equality.

We’re confident you’ll be thanking us for putting into action all these special tips to rekindle your love – and here are some items that could help you along the way: 



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