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Whether you’re currently planning your summer 2021 wedding, decorating your garden for your next BBQ or simply looking to fill up that empty vase that you left in the corner of the living room all winter, you may be wondering what type of flower is most affordable at the moment. The good news is that purchasing flowers that are in season is always the best decision to make as they’ll bloom according to the current temperatures, but also most likely be easier to find.

To help you out, I’ve done my own research and partnered up with a friend who has 5+ years of experience working in a gorgeous flower shop and discussed the seasonal growth time for the most popular flower varieties to make sure you’re shopping more efficiently. Keep in mind that you might not be able to find all of these flowers in your local shop but don’t freak out – there’s always options!

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As most of you already know, springtime is ultimately peak time for the growth of popular flowers and plants, and most likely why spring and summer weddings are so on trend! There’s nothing more beautiful than a warm spring day with clear blue skies and gorgeous roses and tulips on a wedding day, don’t you agree? If you’re looking for options in shops, we recommend focusing on locally grown roses, tulips, peonies, dahlias and most types of lilies.


I’m a major peony lover but recently decided to introduce my living room to a larger variety of seasonal flowers such as hydrangeas, daisies and chrysanthemums. It’s easy to confuse spring and summer flower trends as they tend to blend in one another and many of the flowers that bloom during springtime will tend to continue to blossom through summer, and until fall. In terms of the most affordable summer flowers we certainly love lilacs, irises and daisies, and highly recommend planting angelonias and begonias in your garden if you haven’t already.


Autumn is that time of the year when the flower cycle starts to slow down and although you’ll be able to see quite a lot of handovers from summertime, you’ll also notice more fall-focused flowers such as marigolds and Queen Anne’s lace. If you’re still looking to make your autumn more colourful, you’ll still be able to find sunflowers which continue to bloom well into fall.


Last, but not least winter may be the least common season to purchase flowers for dinner parties or even to decorate your own home. The obvious exception is the gorgeous Christmas flower also known as the poinsettia which takes over our decorated dinner tables and living rooms during the celebrations. You’ll also be able to find other flowers such as a few types of roses as well as the amaryllis and the Star of Bethlehem.

Not sure where your local flower shop is? There are plenty of online flower deliveries now available such as Bloom and Wild and Freddies Flowers. Let us know what your favourite flowers are in the comments below!

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