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Parents can honestly be the best inspiration to their children and their life advice, whether good or bad, will always resonate in their children’s minds no matter the context. The fun part is that they’re also usually passed down through generations and sometimes seem somewhat outdated. This week, we thought we could reflect on our mom and dad’s teachings to celebrate the people that have been there for us all along.

I’m not one to focus on Mother’s or Father’s Day to take the time to praise them, because they’ve honestly given me so much of their time and attention growing up that I should be thankful everyday to have them in my life. Although I’ve mentioned here how important my parents have been in teaching me about life, I also seem to recall teachings from my extended family such as aunts and uncles that also pop up into my mind, as well as close family friends.

Last week, I spent a few hours asking my friends and family members about the best piece of advice they’ve ever gotten, and why they think it still is so engraved in their memories:

“I weirdly remember this teacher in the 3rd of 5th grade that told me she told her children *every single day* that broccoli would make their hair curly and for some reason it really had an impact on my 6-year-old self. I actually remember eating broccoli every single day for a year, and after realising my hair wasn’t going to get any curlier I wrote her a letter telling her that I didn’t think it was the truth!”

“My parents *always* remind me that everything happens for a reason! Whether it’s true or not doesn’t even matter to be honest, because I always find it very comforting during hard times!”

“My mom always tells me to put myself first, because if I’m not happy with myself, then I won’t be able to make anyone else happy!”

“I’m not sure this is 100% what you’re looking for but growing up I always used to hear my dad say (to himself) Who’s the best? I’m the best! And weirdly, I’ve started doing that myself as well which really helps with my confidence!”

“My mum always told me to not forget to be kind with other people as we all have our own battles and you never know what others are going through, which has been really helpful for me on a daily basis.”

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