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It’s a known fact that men care about their hair and beards as much as us women, like our skincare products. But it can be quite easy for things to go wrong when it comes to choosing the right barber for your desired style, so scroll down to find out London’s top locations to get your best trim before the holidays.

I can recall the numerous times when my boyfriend came home upset about the way his hair or beard had been styled and let me tell you, it can easily ruin a fun Saturday evening plan! So to avoid any of this shenanigans, we’ve gathered the best barbers in the English capital with a few pointers as to why they’re so special.

What makes a barber so special other than the fact that they do a good job you might ask? You’ll actually be surprised to find out that there are numerous ways the quality of the experience can be influenced, such as a warm welcome with a chilled beer, seeing your favourite products on the shelves or even just the atmosphere of the place.

Let’s start with what we love: a cold brew! Because let’s be honest here, we all love a little drink to calm our nerves before the stressful wait to find out whether you’ll look smashing or awful at your next big night out. Hair does grow back, but for some reason we always tend to get our hair/beards done closer to big occasions to look sharp at your best friends wedding, or have your roots fixed before catching the sun. Which is the reason why you need to go to a barber you 100% trust, as well as enjoy the wait with a nice drink – right? Sounds good to you? Then head to Barber & Parlour which has its own cocktail bar, but also a manicure section where your girl can get her nails done meanwhile!

Now, I remember this one time my boyfriend came back from a new barber smelling like he had just smoked 10 packs of cigarettes. I honestly couldn’t believe it, especially because he tends to use the gorgeously smelling Aesop shaving kit I got him a while back. Which brings us to why it’s important to visit a professional that uses products you like. Truefitt & Hill is one of the finest traditional gentlemen’s barbers in London and provides some of the greatest grooming products and services. This is 100% the place to go if you want to look handsome for your date that night and avoid the lovely cold smoke fragrance. Not to mention that they make their own perfumes!

Truefitt & Hill is however not the only barber that is currently producing their own range of creams and potions. Murdock, situated in Covent Garden, is another example of a popular establishment in one of the city’s most selective neighbourhood. The concept of Murdock is to help this traditional aspect of barbering to become part of the modern gentlemen’s daily routine – and we love it!

I’ve got a question for you men out there: did you ever think you could make your trip to the barbers an all-day outing? We didn’t either until our men headed to Gentlemen’s Tonic, which is an award-winning spa, grooming and hair concept founded in the heart of Mayfair. Choose from their rich selection of treatments and let yourself relax in private booths, in the shop room or even whilst watching some TV on one of their comfortable couches. Sounds like they’ve got it all figured out, doesn’t it?

And finally, we need to talk about Ruffians – one of London’s most popular barbers. This Edinburgh-born company currently has three locations within London. The experts are the reasons why men love this shop, as they are without a doubt, some of the most interesting bunch you’ll ever get your hair cut by. Ranging from ex-butlers, to former social workers and part-time cage fighter, we can assure you’ll have a nice time whist taking control of your looks.

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