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Every year is the same. We celebrate New Years Eve with our best friends and loved ones, enjoy the weekend and then set our usual 7am alarm on Monday morning to head back to work and get back to our usual routines. It’s a well known fact that lack of excitement on a day-to-day bases is not always the healthiest way to go about your life, which is why the start of a new year tends to leave us with many questions on our minds on whether or not a change is needed.

Should I change jobs? Is my relationship working? Is blonde really the best colour for my hair? Do I really need that many coats in my wardrobe? Whatever question you’re asking yourself this week, whether it is about your life choices or more about your appearance, we’re here to let you know that this behaviour is 100% normal.

According to an article on Just My Type, only 8% of people end up achieving their New Year’s resolutions, so maybe instead of making a list this year, it’s perhaps time to sit down and think about what makes *you* happy, and what you need to change/adapt to make that happen.

To guide you through 2020 and help you make the best decisions, we’ve decided to put together a list of questions for you to contemplate and keep in mind for the upcoming months. Take your time to think them through, and you can even write your answers on a piece of paper if that helps you really take things in. We promise this exercise will make you thoroughly think about what you want, as well as what you need.

Are you ready to take a risk?

It’s so easy to want to make a drastic change in your life but not as straightforward to actually get it done. As quoted by that same article on Just My Type, “indecisiveness is said to be an apathetic habit of our culture“. We are faced with infinite choices and options in our everyday lives that it can be common to fear anything that might be out of the ordinary, or that could disrupt your habits.

If you are honestly keen on changing your life and making a commitment to an idea or a new opportunity, you have got to truly commit to it and follow through. There’s no question as to whether commitment is a risk or not, anything you do in your life can have consequences, whether it is to say “I do” at the alter, decide to move to another country,  or even click *purchase* to a pricey plane ticket to the other side of the world! Just remember that in most cases, there will most likely be a reward at the end of the journey.

What is your biggest wish for 2020?

This is an important question, especially as you’re starting the new year. What is it really that you would like to achieve this year that you might have missed your chance on last year? Don’t take this badly as there’s no point regretting last year’s failures, it’s much better to look forward to what is achievable now that we have jumped into 2020.

If you want to learn a new language, now is your chance to sign up to one! If you want to try out a new dating app,  stop hesitating! Whatever it is that you’re wishing for, write it down, and look back at it at the end of the year and think about why it is that you have, or haven’t fulfilled it. Our founder Kira actually told me the other day that she loves listening to career podcast at the beginning of the year, to truly think about her situation and where she wants to be. One recommendation would be the Second Life Podcast, which is about women that have made drastic changes in their career choices.

Are the people around you making you happy?

You might have noticed already that the older you get, the more careful you have to be with who you surround yourself with. It is vital that you ask yourself whether you are drawn to the right people and influences. It’s all about giving and receiving positive energy as there is literally no point befriending people or being around people that either bring you down, make you uncomfortable or affect your self confidence.

We’re talking both in terms of intimate relationships and friendships here, as all types of relationships with another person will have consequences to your well-being.

Are you proud of what you have accomplished in 2019?

There’s nothing better than starting 2020 whilst feeling great about what you were able to accomplish that previous year. Sit down and think back to all the great accomplishments you have done this year, whether it was when you worked the entire day at the charity shop, the promotion you were able to land, or the amazing bridal shower party you threw for your best friend. No matter what it was, it’s so important that you congratulate yourself for the pleasure it has brought to yourself, as well as others.

Tell us, what are you most looking forward to this year? We would love to hear your biggest tips below on how to best start the new year with a fresh mind!

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