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Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your year ladies and gents, which is why it’s also the ideal time to change those bad habits, take control of your well being and think about the changes you could make in your life. Don’t worry, we won’t make you change your hair colour or shave off your full beard!

Starting with the most cliché and popular resolution: adopting a healthier routine. I always ask myself why it is that I am never able to stick to my New Year resolution, but could this have something to do with creating ones that are too unrealistic? When I look back at my 2016-2018 health goals, they all included: losing 3-4 kilos which I’m not sure I need to lose, stop drinking as much wine during the week which could definitely be good for me but a hard one, and taking meat out of my diet which, I don’t even really want to do. But let’s face it, no one has enough control over themselves to eat vegetables and erase alcohol out of their diets as soon as on the 2nd of January. If you can, then you’re a champ!

All this to say that it’s all about being realistic with your goals, going little by little to achieve them and setting up weekly plans. Which is why we highly discourage starting a drastic diet right away. Why don’t you start by cutting down your carb and sugar intake, set yourself monthly health and fitness goals, and decrease your partying for the first two months of 2019? You’ll feel great before you know it and won’t even feel like you’ve made much of an effort. To start, here’s our weekly workout routine to get you in the mood.

Other popular New Year resolution are centered around picking up a new hobby such as reading or learning a new language and we’ve found that the best way to achieve your chosen goal is to continuously remind yourself of the reasons why you introduced this new aspect of your lifestyle in the first place.

Is it because you would like to contribute to the conversation a bit more during a friendly get together? Or is it due to your organised world tour next year? Either way, by reminding yourself of the reasoning behind why this change in your life is important for you, there’s little chance you’ll give up on it. So start sticking some post its around your house and keep a checklist on your phone to keep track of all the books you get through.

And finally, although this is a bit harder to change right away, could this year be the time for you to finally get your dream job? As well as ideal living situation? There’s absolutely no reason why you should feel trapped in your work routine if you’ve got the abilities to do more. Start by making a list of jobs you feel you have the experiences for and look into job hunting websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to see what’s out there but also don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for support. To start, here’s how to make your profile strong and powerful. 

Take notes of where the companies you like are, what type of neighbourhoods they are usually found in and start looking at new apartment opportunities. 2019 is going to be a great year so make sure you make it a good one for yourself too! Hell – if you’re single, how about setting up your profile on an online dating app?

Although we’re excited for the year ahead here at TWC, we also enjoyed looking back at 2018, so make sure you keep up with our fashion articles and check out our weekly newsletters… Happy New Year!

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