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It’s the season to be jolly, lalalala lalalala…. but it’s also the season for work Christmas parties, Secret Santas and lots of Christmas drinks! Do you ever feel like you would just like to get the best  gift this year? To not only make an impression on your boss with your sublime taste, but also to make someone super happy. That’s right, we thought you did so here are our TWC tailored secret Santa gifts according to your budget.

Gifts are a quintessential part of the holiday season which is what made this Secret Santa tradition so popular in workplaces and amongst family gatherings. The custom itself is a Western one created by philanthropist Larry Dean Steward who is thought to be the original Secret Santa. He, according to tales, came up with the idea by giving anonymous gifts during the holidays.

Whilst this is the most popular known history behind Secret Santa, others say that the tradition comes from Scandinavia, from a tradition which involves leaving gifts at people’s houses during the holiday season. Either way, we absolutely adore this custom so let’s celebrate in style with the great collection go gifts below:


This is my type of Secret Santa; the challenge of finding something acceptable and yet festive under £10. You’ll actually be surprised at how many great gifts you can find on a budget, from face masks (which you know will always get used) to Christmas-inspired socks and boxers for the clown of the office.


Most of your workplace budget will be between £15-£20 which gives you loads of options to choose from. Is your coworker a passionate cook? Or are they more of a fragrance lovers? Either way, any of the gifts we’ve put together below are ideal to make anyone happy. 


£35 is definitely a reasonable price to get your friends a thoughtful yet memorable gift. Our personal favourite in this category is “the carry on cocktail kit” for your next girl’s weekend getaway, but we can’t help but think that both gloves and key rings are a must-have. What do you think?  


Now this category is a big more of a splurge but still a reasonable budget for a good quality set of luxury candles or some home decor for your favourite family member. We are big suckers for comfortable winter blankets here at TWC, but who else needs their coffee in the morning and could really do with a new French press?

Just remember that a Secret Santa gift should be either useful, fun or thoughtful. Try and find out as much as possible about the person you’ve picked and make their day with a small gift. We would love to know what you get your Secret Santa this year! Let us know in the comments below.

Featured images via Unsplash

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