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We all live busy lives, between exploring the dating scenes on Thursday nights, catching up with Love Island on the weekends, and preparing the kids’ snacks every evenings, but do you ever sit down and think back about what you are achieving in the workplace?

We’re glad to let you know that TWC (previously known as Dressarie) has now been going strong for over three years and as we dive into February, we thought it would be the ideal opportunity to look back at what we’ve learned along the way.

Between figuring out the perfect business plan, managing a team of writers and keeping our readers keen and interested, we had a lot to look back on.

Be concrete and realistic

This is the first point we wanted to address, because whenever you start up a business, project, or even a website, it’s vital that you start with a realistic plan, but most importantly a realistic expectation. You can always put together 2 or 5 year plans and look at how well you are doing according to your calculations and business proposal, but it’s crucial that you don’t feel discouraged because this can lead to being less focused in achieving your goals. Also, think about reassessing every couple of months if the path you’re on is the best one – our goal at first was to offer 20’000+ products to shop from, which quickly became absolutely unrealistic and impossible to get a return from. After taking a good look at what could be changed, we switched our strategy to more content (7-10 features per week) and less products to shop.

Put yourself into the readers/customers shoes

Because of the nature of our content, we had to take a step back and think about the ways we could put ourselves in our reader’s shoes. Instead of offering an almost unimaginable variety of pieces to shop, we decided to take a step back and tell our readers what they should/shouldn’t buy. This way, not only do we respect that not everyone has time to browse endlessly, but we offer a concise manner to decide which trends are worth following, new launches and brands worth investing in, ultimately removing that task from our audience’s busy schedules. In a way, TWC simplifies the way you shop to only the absolute necessary.

It’s all about being on 24/7 and yet finding a good work/life balance

What we mean by that is that to create *good* content and build strong relationships with brands and content creators, it is vital to have this type of “always on” culture to always be on top of the latest cultural trends. Not forgetting the significance of answering any contact in a timely manner. It is crucial to give both your internal team, clients and potential clients the same amount of attention and feedback that you would like to be given to. Remember the golden rule of being a good person: it’s all about treating others the same way you’d like to be treated!

Keeping a healthy work-life balance however is not always an easy thing to achieve, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, a family and a few hobbies here and there. But it’s important to remember it’s all about taking the time to do everything you do properly, and putting aside time for your work as well as your leisure/family life. Some of our colleagues lives by creating lists. Lists are known as being a very effective way to get things done, not to mention the satisfaction of ticking off whatever has been completed.

Creativity and passion are key…

There’s honestly nothing more satisfying than getting positive feedback from our editors and readers letting you know how much they loved your content, newsletters, and social media content. Whether it is because of the style, the topic or the personal input. There is a massive creative process when putting an editorial calendar together and it’s 100% the part that we love the most about working at TWC.  It’s so important to know that people are enjoying what we’re doing, and following our content.

This also brings me to the topic of the importance of doing something you love, and believing in. I genuinely – since my first encounter with our founder – believed in this project and could hardly wait to bring some of my personality, style and culture to the website. At the end of the day we all need to really think about what we are all *truly* good at, and what will less feel like a job. As cliché as it sounds, doing something without passion can be dead obvious and readers will be able to flag that right away.

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