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Can you actually believe it’s October next week? I personally can’t but I am getting very excited for it! As you know, we’re suckers for Fall fashion here at TWC but that’s not all – we also love the pumpkin lates, the cozy pub nights and much more!

Autumn is hands down the greatest season ever, and I’m ready to prove it you! Sure, Summer is great because you get to come home from holidays with a tan and salt in your hair, Winter is so much fun especially when you get to go skiing and enjoy Christmas with your loved ones, and Spring is beautiful, but honestly nothing beats the comfort of Fall.

Apple season!

With this season also comes the people’s favourite comfort fruit: the apple! Looking for a romantic date idea this month? Easy! How about apple picking? Or even cider tasting? For those who would rather stay at home and chill, you also have the choice to bake some beautiful deserts such as apple crumble, pumpkin or apple pies… Honestly when it comes to what you can do with apples – the possibilities are endless! And better yet, any will make you feel sooo good.

Autumn is Apple season

Orange is the new black!

You know it! As leaves slowly start to change from green to an array of yellow and red, there is nothing more beautiful than this natural phenomenon. Not to mention how stunning the countryside and mountain landscapes of the Lake District look during that time! If you like photography like us, Fall is the ideal season to enhance your portfolio, or if you’re more the sporty type, take out your hiking boots! We absolutely love how much fresh air we get during this time, and we can’t wait to appreciate the beauty of the orange leaves! Small budget this month? Head to Richmond Park to spot some deers if a trip outside the capital isn’t an option.

Autumn is nature season


Have you got a favourite holiday? Is it Christmas? Easter? Or even Thanksgiving? Our personal favourite is Halloween! And not because we’re the biggest sweet tooth, but because we love decorating our houses for the celebration. Whether you’re not bothered about the somewhat Americanised holiday, or you’ve already planned a night with some friends to binge watch scary movies, you’ve got to add these cute DIY decorations to your home. Got kids? Why don’t you plan a little trick and treat trip in the neighbourhood? Or if you’re really up for a thrill, grown ups also have special Halloween parties!

Autumn is home decor season

Cozy up!

And finally, best to last, this season is the ultimate season to read or play cards by the fire place at your local country pub or even at home if you’re lucky enough to have a fire place! There’s literally nothing better than curling up with a good thriller on a crisp fall night, not to mention the joys of using natural ways to warm up your place!  I know what you’re thinking, you can also do that during the colder winter season, but at least you won’t have to worry about slipping on some ice on your way home! Oh, and have you knitted your new blanket yet?

Autumn is cozy up season

How beautiful are those photos by Annie Spratt? We couldn’t have found better images to fit this Fall piece. We’re curious though, how do you feel about this season? Do you love it? Or hate it? Let us know in the comments but most importantly, tag us on your vest fall outfits for a chance to appear on our story!

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