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Although Selena Gomez is still in the lead on Instagram with over 156 million followers (wowza) we felt it was time to introduce some of the accounts we love to follow here at TWC. We’re talking major envy couples on holidays that will make you question your own relationship, serious dog-lovin’ paw-traits (no pun intended!) and finally mouth-watering food porn you (or the better cook in the house) might want to try at home… Sold yet? We know you are so keep scrolling!

We know it, your colleagues know it, but why is it that our moms and aunts refuse to admit that Facebook is dead? And whilst they’re all on there re-posting what seems like somewhat inappropriate calls for actions and sending strange birthday messages to friends and strangers, we’re here scrolling down never ending feeds of fabulous Instagram content.

How would you to explain this millennial routine of aways taking your phone to the bathroom to keep you occupied, or even posting stories of your latest fall outfit for everyone to see? We’d love to know what you think in the comments, but this is not actually what we’re here to talk about today.

We already discussed the most interesting makeup artists to follow on IG a few weeks ago for major beauty inspo, so this week we’re laying out the red carpet for the amazing pets, cooks and travellers of Instagram.

Meet: @Jiffpom

Step aside Ariana Grande, as our little furry friend here has got almost as many followers as you (not really but we’ll make an exception as he doesn’t get to tour around the world). Meet Jiffpom, Instagram’s favourite and super cute Pomeranian. Believe it or not, he actually has a few Guinness World Records under his (dog) collar, and our friend might *woof* you in a single post … Want proof? Check out his Instagram account and scroll down to find some adorable snaps with his favourite celebrities.


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Meet: @Chelseakaui

Is sitting on your couch, thinking about how to groom your own pup not exactly your cup of tea? That’s fine too, because we also very often find ourselves *accidentally* scrolling through our feeds for hours dreaming about our next travel destination and let me tell you, this account is one you’ll definitely want to follow to up your travel game. Meet Chelsea, the proud owner of @Chelseakaui! Her Instagram page is not only visually beautiful, but she is also one of our all-time favourite travellers. Wherever she goes, she will snap the perfect photo, and always with a smile. Not only does this make me slightly angry that my boyfriend didn’t even bother to take a nice photo of me in the souks of Marrakech, but Chelsea’s account also manages to give me major travel fashion envy, is that even a thing? Oh, and did we mention she has a popular YouTube channel too?


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For the first 20 years of my life this 25 mile span of island was my entire playground. Although some people say they feel trapped, it never felt small to me. This year, as a result of choosing to cut down on my flying by more than 50%, I got to reconnect with that idea that I don’t need to go far to get away. I’ve been spending a lot of my days working and going out for mini adventures rediscovering the same place under different conditions and light. Here are some of my favorites – sunset picnics, glassy morning dives, hikes, ebike rides and Acro lessons. I’m loving these versatile L*space pants for beach afternoons from @backcountry. I know most of you know their brand as being a haven for technical apparel and fun adventure goodies (it is😊) but they also have tons of swim and casual clothes too! These ones are super comfortable, great for travel, but still feel a little more elegant 🙂 Use CHELSEA15 for 15% off your first order through @backcountry. *exclusions apply #FindYourBackcountry #Hawaii #Home #sponsored

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Meet: @halfbakedharvest

And now is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, that’s right – you didn’t get away with us not hearing your stomach growling since the mention of *food-porn* in the first paragraph! Good news is, you’re literally in for a treat with this one: meet Tieghan, the incredible cook/baker/food magician, behind @halfbakedharvest. If you think her Instagram handle says it all… Well you’re pretty right, because her recipes and photos are a marvellous harvest of colours, textures and flavours… Now shop our collection of fabulous autumn-themed items below and make your loved ones a nice meal, will you!

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