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There are definitely ups and downs when working from home, and what once felt like something new and exciting can also quickly turn into a discomfort. Luckily for us at TWC, we’ve always had a flexible remote working culture, but for those of you who find yourselves suddenly managing teams remotely, here are some top tips that will help you set yourself, and your company up for success.

We all thought that working from home would mean: no more commute (which it does) but also that somehow things will be much easier and relaxed. But working from home is actually a massive adjustment that not all companies are fit for which means that most of you managers and leaders will need to make adjustments to their structure and day-to-day culture.

Luckily for you, we know what we’re talking about here at TWC as we’re king and queens of remote working whilst keeping in touch (almost) 24/7!

  • Check in with your employees on a daily/weekly basis depending on the size of your team, even it’s a simple phone call or email to make sure they’re doing ok. Mental health is something we should all be aware of at the moment which is why keeping in touch with your employees is critical!
  • Create a WhatsApp group and chat about anything other than work. Feel free to share funny memes, fitness videos, and even pictures of your homemade creations of the day.
  • Use technology and make sure your team are using the best tools to keep everyone engaged. This might mean introducing new apps and softwares that your business is not familiar with which are better suited for online collaborations and communications.
  • Talking about technology, you also need to make sure that everyone on your team has the right tools to be doing work from home. They don’t have a laptop? Get them one! It’s 100% your responsibility as a manager to make sure everyone has what they need to do great work, not theirs.
  • Manage your team’s expectations, and make sure you’re transparent with them about the current situation and maybe revaluate the way you would usually assess your business success. This is very important because you don’t want your colleagues to think that because they’re working from home, deadlines may be more flexible, or more strict.
  • Because you’re not able to watch over your employees’ shoulders whilst they’re working, or plan a spontaneous 121 meeting, it’s so important that you focus your energy on the outcomes, rather than the activity. There’s no way you can control the amount of time people are spending at their desks, which is why your time will be much better spent analysing the results of the work and the deliveries.
  • And finally, you’ve got to be flexible! It’s critical that you understand that (especially with the current climate) people have a lot going on that you may not know about. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean that people can deliver half of the work they’re expected to deliver, but make sure you give your team the freedom to get their work done on their own schedule.

We’d love to hear how working from home has been for you personally? Please let us know in the comments below!

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