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Ever feel like you’re just not taking the time to breathe in and out on a regular basis? We certainly did at TWC, but that was before we encountered one of the most soothing and delicious plant-based vaporizers out there called Ripple.

Ripple’s mission is to change the way people vape and make vaping a healthy, functional experience for everyone, from smokers to non-smokers. Ripple was co-founded by former smokers as well as brother and sister duo Sam and Lucy Beecham to fight against the addictive nature of vaping. Their vaporizers come in four formulas: Power, Dream, Boost and Relax and all are filled with delicious aromas stemming from natural ingredients.

The Power flavour delivers plant extracts from ginseng roots and the gingko biloba tree with a cool peppermint aroma. The Dream flavour balances jujube seed and valerian flower blended to calm and lighten your mood, all combined with a tranquil lavender aroma. And the Boost flavour combines green tea and maca extracts both combined with a lychee aroma that should give you energy to start the day!

We’ve been addicted to this product for a little while here at TWC and were kindly sent a press package to test it out, but this weekend was actually the first time I got to experience my own vaporizer. Out of the 4 very tempting flavours, I actually went for the Jasmine aroma which is combined with chamomile and lemon balm, and is sold as a calming blue coloured packaging with the word Relax written on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a *stressed out* person, but after sampling all the flavours, and after being told by the pharmacist that her personal favourite and most sold flavour was the peppermint, the soothing and calming smell and taste of the jasmine caught my attention.

So there I was, walking around Knightsbridge with my brand new vape. I have to say it was somewhat of an odd feeling as I am not a smoker myself, but I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about its calming effects after my first 3-second puff.

My boyfriend didn’t waste a second to snatch the vape away from my hands and the similar soothing effect happened to him almost right away. I was actually really happy about it as his football team had just faced a catastrophic loss and let me tell you, Ripple boosted his mood right up!

The packaging is lovely and minimal, the entire box fits right in your pocket and the vaporiser itself is smaller than the size of a pen. Not to mention how easy the first usage is! All you have to do is remove the cap on top of the vape, and break it in with a first 3-second puff.

Make sure you breathe in on the right side of the vape however, don’t be as silly as me. If it helps, the vape will light up on the other end when you are taking a puff.

Sold yet? Well I haven’t even started to share the best parts of the product, because not only are these vapes plant-based, but they are also nicotine-free!

Ever heard of aromatherapy? In short, and as explained on their website directly, aromatherapy is a healing treatment which uses plant extracts as a medical treatment.

This type of therapy can come in various shapes and forms such as candles, beauty products, and essential oils. Aromatherapy is actually all about strong scents, and these scents are meant to give out smells that have tangible benefits for the wellbeing of any human being.

Whilst I was walking through London today, from Knightsbridge to Soho, the smell coming out of my bag from gentle jasmine aromas and chamomile simply made me feel at ease to tackle the busy streets of the city centre. To tell you the truth, I even had a lady ask me what that lovely smell was, she could smell from me! I proudly told her about my new plant-based vaporizer which she was eager to go and purchase herself.

The Ripple vaporisers are all set to a specific temperature to ensure an optimum experience for its users, and the packaging is recyclable. All you have to do is drop off your empty container at your local retailer after finishing its roughly 500 puffs.

It’s recommended to have between 10-20 puffs a day but you might even find yourself to feel satisfied with one puff after a meal, or even just before bed. This could also create an opportunity for you to practice some mindfulness exercises whilst you’re at it, and clear your mind from any stress or troubles you might have faced during that day.

In the mood to try one of the four amazing flavours? Why not check out their London stockists on their site, or order your own set? Please tag us on Instagram as we would love to know what flavour you went for! 

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