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We’re suckers for New Year celebrations here at TWC but there’s also nothing more rewarding than reminiscing at the inspiring year we’ve had together. A lot has changed this year as we introduced a new website design and a wide range of weekly new columns but we don’t want you to think we are not thankful for you – loyal fashion enthusiasts because at the end of the day, we would be nothing without you!

Whether you’re a beauty lover always on the lookout for our skin-focused articles, followed our new menswear inspired pieces or have enjoyed getting to know new and inspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, we would like to take the time to look back at some of our most popular articles, social media posts as well as items this year.


Our most popular piece this year was all about getting rid of the old, and welcoming the new which is actually in perfect harmony with this whole end of the year theme. The popular spring cleaning term is one of the most important periods in a women’s fashion life which is why our founder Kira (and yourselves) found it important to talk about how to get rid of those over-used jeans to make space for those brand new leather trousers you’ve been eyeing down.

We are so relieved you’re as obsessed with Podcasts as we are, which brings us to your second most read article: The 4 Crime Podcasts We’re Obsessed with at The Moment. This one is pretty close to my heart, not only because I wrote it but because I literally listen to podcasts every day.

And in the beauty department, which I know you’re all really into, is our piece about this year’s most popular makeup trend (thanks to the Jenner-Kardashian family) highlighters! Although we weren’t 100% into the idea of having greasy looking cheekbones at first, we were completely sold by Annie’s clear explanation on the best products out there to ace your celebrity makeup look.


Similarly to last year, our top sold item was a beautiful… handbag! Although last year’s trend was clearly focused on the Cult Gaya Bags, you all absolutely fell in love with our cotton-canvas bucket bag to hit the Carribean beaches or impress the in-laws! Seems like we might be spotting some type of trend with your favourite items… We’re curious, what has been your number 1 new piece of clothing in your 2018 wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below as we might have plenty more in store and at affordable prices.

This year’s suede game has not only exceeded our expectations, but also highly changed our opinion on the ever so popular fabric. Not only is suede elegant, smooth and comfortable, it also comes in every shape and form and we noticed you’ve especially loved this suede jacket from Sandro.

In the mood for more? Check out our selection below that will help you slide into the new year in style



We’re honestly so thankful for all of your support on social media and are looking forward to adding more exciting posts on your feeds next year, but in the meantime, here are some of the most liked posts of 2018 featuring major fashion staples from our beloved bloggers, iconic movie stars and quotes, as well as gorgeous natural beauties.

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