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There are a few different ways couples go about making a wedding present list, commonly known as a registry. Whereas some newlyweds would rather ask for a contribution to their honeymoon or travel plans, others create very organized online wish lists where friends and family can tick off what they would like to contribute to. Although neither of these options is better than the other, we still believe that finding that unique and special gift, that is precious, practical and fun can also be a great idea, especially if the couple hasn’t made any specific requests.

Before looking up Amazon’s best deals and favorite products, you should really have a think about what the couple might need in their home, or what they like to do together, such as a favorite hobby or activity.

One of the safest options if the lovely couple has just bought a house ahead of their wedding day, and if they’re keen cooks, is a kitchen essential such as a cooker, a panini maker or even a collection of lovely cookbooks. Another great pick if they’re big foodies, is treating them to a meal for 2 in one of their favorite restaurants. Most places will offer a voucher if you want to pre-pay for a romantic dinner, and if you’re based in London, we strongly recommend booking a table at: The Palomar, Barrafina or Clos Maggiore (the most romantic restaurant in London). A way you could add a nice extra touch to this lovely gift is by letting the waiter know in advance what their favourite meals are, or even what their preferences are in regards to wine, seating or even table placement.

If you know that the bride or groom are particularly into their whiskey, gin or champagne, why not treat them to their favorite bottle of their choice? Or even better yet – a bigger version of it. We strongly recommend looking into Japanese whiskeys such as Hibiki or Yamazaki and adding some glasses to the mix.

The happy couple isn’t really into the whole food thing? That’s fine too, but I’m sure they will enjoy a curated day of fun activities! The options are vast here, but after such a hectic time like wedding preparations, there’s no way the couple would say no to a spa day (who would!). is one of the best websites to find the most interesting deals, but if you have a hotel/place in mind already, call them up and ask them to make a voucher for you and if you want to make their stay extra special, why not make sure they are treated with a glass of bubbly?

And finally, another great present idea that many of my friends have loved receiving, is a new bedding ensemble, including pillowcases and duvet cover. If you don’t know the colors of their interior, go for pastel or light colors such as beige, white or grey.

Just remember to stay practical with your gifts, and avoid taking a big risk, because no couple wants to leave their wedding gifts in a box in the garage. Think hard about their aesthetics; what they love and dislike, and most importantly, what will help them at the start of their married life.


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