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Living in a big city has never been harder than it is today. People are spending more time on their phones, making less physical connections and worrying about other aspects of their busy lives such as their jobs and finding the best place to live. But where does that leave romance?

Whether we’re to blame for focusing on our careers, I can’t tell you for sure – but I just can’t help but question how my beautiful single friends are still struggling to find love. I’ve concluded that in London, just like any other big cities, while filled with handsome British men and a smart international crowd, is one of the most difficult places to find love. Many of you will be thinking about the effects of online dating that facilitate meeting up with random people you might have a connection with, which is obviously handy in such a big city – but what if you’re just not into that and want to actually bump into your prince charming in the supermarket or in the subway?

This question then brought me back to today’s big three priorities: Jobs, Apartments, and Love, how are they all connected you might ask? Well here’s what we think at TWC:

We focus too much on our jobs

One of the reasons why I believe, women today might be struggling to open up to certain people in their lives or even bother to chat a cute guy up in a bar, is that their jobs are too time-consuming and have taken a priority in their lifestyle. How many times has your friend said that she would never move to a new country in the fear of losing her job or that during her past relationship one of the biggest issues was the different timetables and finding time to meet up after work? That’s right, it is tough, and not everyone wants to date their co-worker, although that would probably fix that issue.

After all, it’s amazing that women are becoming more career-driven and independent, but is it starting to take a toll on their dating life? Don’t even get me started on the anxiety of job hunting, whilst looking for love and for a flat, but one thing is for sure: once you find them all, you’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been, so keep hunting!

The stress of finding a flat

We all know that one of the most stressful aspects of moving to a new city is finding a nice place to live. Especially as a single lady looking for flatmates. There is a chance you’ll meet the man of your dreams in the perfect roommate situation (talking from experience here) but that’s not always a given. So once you settle down in a flat, either with random roommates or your best friend, there’s a fair chance that neighborhood will become your home. Make sure not to let that restrict you from discovering other parts of the city, as well as meeting new people.

But, if you’re wondering what the best way to find a flat in London is, there’s no secret. You gotta be patient, and study the city well to avoid finding yourself living over an hour away from work and spending your income on public transport. Be smart and make a list of your priorities, and try and lower your expectations a little bit. Your first flat in a big city is not a definite decision, most contracts will be 6 months to a year, giving you plenty of time to look for a better option at a later stage.

The dating scene

Courtship and the healthy dating scene for the younger generation has, in my opinion, completely disappeared. As previously discussed in our online dating story, dating apps have without a doubt helped generations find love with the most unexpected person, and in astonishing circumstances. Just as we mentioned earlier, women and men today have busier lives in big cities and put going to the gym, cooking and meeting your friends in front of finding love in their list of priorities, so having an app do that first step for you, is convenient and useful.

I’ve read in blogs and articles that women today put much less effort into finding love than they used to. We put on our headphones, read our books or play on our phones whenever we get the chance, and seem much less approachable for that matter. I am the first to admit being weirded out when a man starts talking to me on the subway or in the bus whilst I’m one move away from beating that hard level on candy crush.

Which brings us to today and Love Month – what’s the solution? Try and be more open-minded, go out, meet new people and switch up your list of priorities a little bit. Sure, spending a bit more money on a nice flat and finding your dream job should still be up there, but don’t let that stop you from meeting your prince charming during an unexpectedly fun night out, or in the subway. Make space for the “out of the blue” encounters and take your headphones off from time to time!


Images/Sources: The Guardian, Practical Happiness

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