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I’m not sure where this obsession comes from, but my seasonal closet organization ritual is one of my greatest joys as soon as the temperatures change. For one, getting those comfortable sweaters out of my neatly put away boxes is (almost) as rewarding as going shopping on a Saturday afternoon. But there‘s also something very therapeutic about taking the time to sort out and take care of my clothes.

Sure, you can clean up your wardrobe regardless of the change in season, but I personally think that changing up your closet can make you happier. For example, the way I get over my depression of colder temperatures when Fall or Winter comes around is fixed by re-discovering my winter clothes from the year before, but also by getting rid of some clothing I wasn’t brave enough to get rid of last year but now ready to part with. So although I’m 100% a summer person, the charm and comfort of winter fashion always manage to cheer me up.

The great thing about closet swapping is that even if you don’t have a lot of closet space, relocating seasonal clothing will make your closet overall much more aesthetically pleasing and therefore, make you feel more at ease which is great for your mental health.  I felt lost just last week as the temperatures dropped very suddenly and I was left stranded with this horrible feeling of not knowing what to wear. Which is what pushed me to do my seasonal closet swap, because let’s be honest here, these pink trousers are so not relevant for October anymore are they! Goodbye, favorite pair of shorts and summer dress!

I keep all my winter/summer clothing in suitcases which I place under my bed, but if you’ve got space for boxes go for it! Make sure you fold your clothes neatly before storing them away for half a year, and most importantly, make sure it’s all clean! For your winter wardrobe, you might need to get some of your jackets dry cleaned before you store them away to make sure they are fresh and ready to wear once you re-discover them!

Remember, if you put away pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in years, it’s probably time to get rid of them to recycle, same goes with anything with big stains and holes. Because although that coffee stain on your favorite t-shirt was alright for your girls trip in Mykonos and your weekend away with your family, it won’t be acceptable a year from now.

I promise, opening those neatly put away boxes/suitcases will literally feel like opening up a brand new closet or greeting an old friend. You might even have forgotten about some of last season’s gems you got on sale at the end of the season. Don’t feel bad if your style has changed a little if you’re not feeling that once upon a time an awesome pair of green pants, it’s probably time to move on, and shop our carefully curated Fall closet selection below!

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