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This Friday saw some of the biggest global climate strikes around the world and the UK joined the rally in support of awareness and urgent action needed on climate change in different cities such as; Glasgow, Manchester and London. The event was actually inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and is said to be the start of something good for communities around the world to understand the importance of the climate change and to protect our planet.

Millions of people around the world walk the streets for climate strikes and protestants waved placards and chanted slogans in what could be the biggest ever demonstration over global warming cause by humans. This is all ahead of a UN summit next week where activists are demanding much greater efforts to be made at the meeting to tackle climate change and global warming.

Australia found over 350,000 people joining the strike with some local authorities encouraging school children and workers to take part. We’re not surprised so many Australians joined the cause as the situation over there is already critical and is suffering from soaring temperatures causing the warming of the sea to have contributed to the death of half of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Students in Ghana also marched in the capital city of Accra, saying that climate change has sped up coastal erosions which is effecting the country’s landscape and coast.

Although there is still a massive percentage of populations around the world that are not aware, or refused to acknowledge the danger of climate change, this demonstration has had a lot of media attention and will hopefully make a difference at the UN summit and beyond.

The teenage activist Greta Thunberg, who has been a key factor to these protests, was greeted like a rockstar at the rally in New York. Many of the strikers had banners of Greta and here are some of the best ones as reported by The Guardian.

“This is the biggest climate strike ever in history, and we all should be so proud of ourselves because we have done this together,” the teenager told demonstrators as reported on BBC. 

You haven’t heard about Greta Thunberg yet? The 16-year-old Swedish teenager first staged a school strike for climate change outside of parliament in August last year and has since inspired many other children and adults around the world. The teenage has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and refuses to fly or take a cruise due to emissions those transports cause.

There is something very emotional and empowering about seeing all those countries coming together for one common cause, and it is so important to raise awareness on the issues climate change are causing. We’ve written a few articles on the topic and urge you to read them all! It’s important to be aware of the materials we use and which we should be aware of, so make sure you join the strikes this week.

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