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What have you been putting in your hair those past few months? Silk hairbands? Pearl hair clips? Or are you more of a bow and vintage scrunchie kinda gall?

Adding that little detail in your hair is exactly what you need if you’re all about those finishing touches to complete your outfit. Good news is: these throwback items are super in at the moment which means we’re absolutely spoiled for choice. This 90s nostalgia is something we’ve been addicted to here at TWC, with a personal preference for headbands for a casual drink with the girls, and the faux pearl hair clips and barrettes for our friend’s baby shower.

The best thing about those accessories, is that they are stand-alone fashion items that bring that little extra touch to what could be, a super simple outfit. Think blue denim shorts and a casual white shirt with an animal printed headband, or an oversized pink snap clip to bring a pop of colour to a head-to-toe black look for work!

The Pearl Clip

What may seem like a somewhat juvenile look is actually trending all over our instagram feed at the moment, and our all-time favourite shop in Shoreditch called Ost is nailing the styles. Best thing about that accessory is that it’s usually very fairly priced, and super versatile.

The Printed Headband

Headbands have been around for a while now but this 90s inspired accessory has taken on another level of cool this year. Designers such as Tom Ford have even introduced them in their collections with vibrant colours and fabrics. There is something very simple about wearing a headband but yet we can’t help but think they can really make an outfit, or be the ideal accessory to keep your hair away from your face on a hot day.

The Vintage Scrunchie

Will it be pastel pink or purple velvet today? Although we adore this comeback from our childhood years, it can get pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice of scrunchies out there. We recommend checking out ASOS as they have an amazing range of different hair scrunchies for each day of the week! Funnily enough, the scunchies were a massive fashion faux pas a few years ago in the fashion industry, but they have recently begun to attract a wide appreciation, most likely inspired by an 80s-90s renaissance. 

What are your thoughts on these latest trends? Do you tend to add a little something special in your hair on a rainy day or would you rather pack them in your suitcase when you head to the beach?

Images via Ost London

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