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There has never been a greater incentive for sustainable products and technologies than there is today. We have literally reached a (more than) crucial point in regards to our planet and more particularly climate change, and thankfully for us, businesses are coming together and stepping up to the job of building a greener and more eco-friendly future.

Not sure what we mean by innovations that could help us raise our children in cleaner air and overall a better environment? Here below are some of the most incredible inventions that, we believe here at TWC, could change the world and lead the way for a sustainable way of living.

1. The Smog Free Tower

The Smog Free Project is a long term campaign which Daan Roosegaarde and his team of experts have created to allow people to breathe and experience clean air – for free. The Smog Free Tower is a 23 fee high tower which sucks polluted air, cleans it out and releases it again once clean. This invention doesn’t only provide a local solution for clean air such as in parks or other popular public places, but also uses very little green electricity to achieve its goal. Imagine being in a busy open space, with 100% clean air!

2. The Green Building Initiative

The GBI, or Green Building Initiative seeks to innovate and provide sustainable and resource-efficient buildings over the world. They offer certification programs for commercial buildings who have an environmental friendly vision and have the goal to establish a standard of best practices for green building globally, as well as providing assessment tools for sustainable requirements. All in all, the GBI is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of building practices that are energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable for commercial buildings to better the lives of workers and the overall population. We’re curious, do you feel like your workplace is sustainable enough? Let us know in the comments!

3. The Waterboxx

The Groasis Waterboxx was created by Pieter Hoff, a dutch flower exporter, who saw the benefits of using an inteligent way of planting crops to make them grow in the desert and other dry areas to maximise crop production. The Groasis is a planting device, which consists of recycled paper and which can germinate seeds and water plants. This technology requires 90% less water than traditional farming methods and can be used in some of the most extreme weather temperature on earth. Can you just imagine how much more we would be able to produce under extreme temperatures with this tool? And better yet not depend on rain?

4. AirCarbon

And finally, as you already know, we are very worried about the future of plastic here at TWC and have found a promising tool for a sustainable future called: AirCarbon. AirCarbon has already won a lot of awards for its innovation. It is made from carbon emissions that would otherwise be released in the air, and is a fully green and sustainable material. Because it is not made from oils like other plastic materials, it is also a very cost-effective alternative to plastic, and we love it!

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