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It’s another close competition for the top destinations to go to in 2019 but with Brexit on its way and the violent street riots in France, there seem to be an obvious shift towards north western Europe and the American continents! We seem to have quickly used up our holidays this year so are looking forward to a much-needed break here at TWC, so help us decide where we should go next between the 4 locations below, but remember, although some of the selections below might have a pricier transport budget, they will be much more affordable than London once on site:


We’ve got the newly established Eurostar to Holland now ladies and gents! The train brings you to the heart of the Dutch capital in less than 4 hours with a ticket starting at £40! Forget about all this airport and taxi stress, just jump on one of the fastest (and most comfortable) trains in Europe to enjoy all of the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. This is the best option for a weekend getaway from your busy London lifestyle on a budget.

Transport: From £35 one way

Accommodation: From £30 a night

Special tip: Rent a bike and ride around the city! But if you want to make this an affordable trip, make sure you book your train tickets well in advance.


Prague is, and always will be in my heart. Not only is the city as beautiful as Paris, it’s also filled with delicious restaurants, fun bars and stunning sites. I am so excited that Prague has made it into the must-visit spots of 2019 and I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough! Prague has recently become one of Europe’s most visited destinations due to its affordable lifestyle, the sublime gothic cathedrals but also for its intimate relationship with the music scene.

Transport: From £100 return flights

Accommodation: From £40 a night

Special tip: Don’t forget to visit Lokal for the best beer you’ll ever have in your life

St Barth’s

The sexiest island in the Caribbean is finally getting well deserved attention (as it should). If you’re looking to grab some sunlight this winter, then St Barth’s (short for Saint Barthélemy) is the place to go! There’s a clear reason why celebrities consistently retreat to the tropical paradise and we can’t wait to try it ourselves this year. Make sure you take a stroll down the beachfront and do some high-class people watching. Expect beautiful people eating lunch, drinking wine as if they were in the South of France and having a good time.

Transport: From £1,000 return flight

Accommodation: From £50 a night

Special tip: If you want to save a bit of money on a day out, make sure you pack a picnic and stock up on gorgeous French cheeses from their supermarkets and settle in a cute spot on the beach to watch the sunset. 


If you’re truly looking to escape the hectic state of Europe, then Patagonia is the place for you. Located between Argentina and Chile, this region has some of the purest and most beautiful landscapes worldwide. Not only is it still one of the least populated regions in the world, it is also one of the richest according to its nature and culture. Adventurers love its emptiness and desert-like drama and clear night sky. Did we mention the southern lights are sometimes visible around July time? That’s right, buy your tickets asap before the destination becomes too popular.

Transport: From £2,000 return

Accommodation: From £24 per night

Special tip: Make sure to include climbing the Tierra Del Fuego to your schedule, it’s a one in a lifetime experience you will want to check off your bucket list!

Images via Unsplash

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