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You might remember our article about the popular pug craze a few years back but move over pugs as the newest dog trend is winning over our hearts and households: the infamous sausage dog. Although we’re no supporter for this so-called dog trend here at TWC (remember that dogs are not just an accessory), we can’t help but be amazed at how people buy their dogs as they choose their handbags: according to the seasons.

They say a dog is for life, and right now, a miniature dachshund is definitely on-trend. Whether its in your local Tesco, your instagram or even at work, the four-legged star seems to be taking over our feeds, and our hearts.

The adorable breed is not only comical but also adorable. They have a quirky side of them and a massive personality that seems to be what is attracting people to this breed. What was once called a sausage dog has now become the best dog to own in cities such as London and Paris.

But believe it or not, this breed has actually had a long history in the world of fashion. The dog’s compact and unmistakable silhouette has endeared itself to a few designers such as Cath Kidston and Oliver Bonas, where the quirky dogs have appeared on t-shirts, hair accessories, bags and much more. But you can also find jumpers and t-shirts with your favourite dog in shops such as H&M and Dorothy Perkins!

Just like any other trend, however, our favourite celebrities seem to have also adopted the adorable breed, such as British model Rosie Huntington and fashion blogger Peony Lim who both like to advertise their dogs on their various social channels.

Think you’ve had enough of seeing celebrities show off their dogs on IG? Well our beloved blogger Sasha Wiggins also known as Liberty London Girl, has gone that one extra step further and has given her dog, Lettice, his own Instagram.

“Mainly because my own was in danger of becoming 100% sausage” she explains on Vogue when asked why she started an IG account for her dog.

Lettice has actually most likely had a more exciting career as you, as she has modelled for dog collars for Mulberry. The model has also used her pup as a way to raise awareness of the breed, and recognition for their role in the fashion industry.

“Because designers love drawing them: they have such an idiosyncratic and recognisable shape – and they’re pretty cute too,” Sasha Wiggins explains.

Unfortunately however, just like any other trends, popularity also leads to waste and over breeding which brings us to the issue of massive numbers being rescued by the RSPCA. ” Because wannabe trendy pet owners are not researching the commitment each breast need, the charity (RSPCA) are trying to warn people how people are “buying and dumping” designer breeds throughout the country,” said a RSPCA worker to The Guardian newspaper.

This might sound a little repetitive but if you really are going to go and get yourself the trendiest dog out there, make sure you do all your research and truly understand what your dog will need from you. Although we love that people want to get more dogs into their lives, we don’t ever want people to think they are an extra fashion accessory.

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