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Longing for a change from pub birthdays, wild warehouse parties and rooftop nights filled with Prosecco martinis? As much as going out and drinking ourselves until the next morning is a lot of fun, we love not having a hangover here at TWC, which is why we adore London’s quirkiest and most hidden places.

I think it’s safe to say most of us have a “hate/love” relationship with the English capital. This city is not only amazingly rich of culture, beautiful buildings and history, but it’s also a haven for international crowds and young workers. Are you planning on moving to the big smoke? There’s never a dull moment here, and this list should give you a good preview of that…

Unleash your inner child at the ultimate adult playground: Ballie Ballerson. This giant ball pit bar is everything you’ve been seeking for to make your next party extra special! This place has bars, delicious snacks and amazing cocktails! This is without a doubt, the place to take a break from your adult life… So go ahead and book your table with your mates, but make sure you wear something comfortable to bounce around in the pits!

If you’re not the “activity” type, you can also take a stroll down Fitzrovia and enjoy a cup of coffee in… a Victorian toilet! We’re not kidding, there are actually places where you can use the old urinals as your cup holder. Don’t worry though, they’ve been thoroughly clean, but the beautiful iron entrance is somewhere you’ll feel amazing walking into and definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell your mates you had a drink in a bathroom, and enjoyed it!

The beauty of London is that you can easily plan your evenings according to Time Out’s rich and amazing collection of parties, and what could actually be more exciting than a silent boat party? These fun events enable you to listen to disco tunes in your headphones, whilst enjoying the views of the city along the water. Hop aboard the ship and sip on a cocktail and let yourself enjoy the tunes of the night…

Another great idea for a fun night out with friends could be the chance to impress them with your puzzle solving skills at The Mind Palace‘s cocktail experience. Your task there is to piece together clues that you find during the night, add the ingredients and drink yourself to success! The place is also very relaxed, and you can even make it extra special if you are thinking about hosting an event or taking a special date.

But if you are a bit low in cash, the visit of east London’s psychedelic God’s Own Junkyard is an (and free) treasure for anybody who could be fascinated by neon signs (who isn’t, right?). The gallery contains everything from old school advertising signs, to props used in fashion shows and much more! This spot is also a great one for the ultimate IG snap, but also an ideal place to get a special souvenir from the capital.

Inspired to get outside your comfort zone and up for trying something new? Why not do that with your wardrobe as well with our selection of quirky designs below.

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Featured images via God’s Own Junkyard

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