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Ever in the mood for a nice, comforting pub lunch or dinner? With the temperatures dropping, we’re almost always in the mood to get cosy here at TWC, and here are some of the best gastro pubs in London, and just outside of the capital it you’re feeling adventurous, that have delicious traditional British food and great atmospheres.

There has been an undeniable influx of new and sexy gastro pub in London as well as the rest of the UK, and this has revolutionised the idea of a pub lunch in general. Not only do you now expect to find elegant interiors to sip on a fresh pint or a glass of red wine in your local British pub, but these establishments are now also playing around with different gorgeous flavours to create comforting, yet updated traditional dishes.

These pubs have not only introduced a new concept to our lives, but they have also set a high standard to break away from traditional restaurants which we were all too familiar with. The best part about these establishment is also the fact that most produces are seasonal, and the menu is therefore tailored to the seasons, which we love! Who else likes to support local businesses here?

So wether you’re looking to impress a friend by taking him or her to your local gastro pub for a nice glass of wine, are planning on taking your parents out for Sunday lunch, or you are just trying to sweep a loved one off their feet with a dinner date, these trendy and delicious pubs will meet everyone’s desires, we promise.

The Hardwood Arms – Fullham, London

Owned by TV chef Mike Robinson, and Brett Graham, this cozy Fullham pub is all you need for the best Sunday roast of your life. The Hardwood Arms is still one of the only pubs with a Michelin star in London and we love everything about it… The interior is cozy yet sophisticated, the service is friendly, and the food is just out of this world.

Are you a scotch egg fan? Or do you like the traditional pork belly? Either way, you’ll be fully satisfied at this pub and we can’t wait for you to try it. Eating at the Hardwood Arms is a very cosy affair, and it won’t break into your savings, unless you want to venture into the extensive wine list… Did we mention that Brett Graham, whose double Michelin-starred restaurant in Notting Hill was named the 14th best restaurant in the world of 2016?

This pub is without a doubt *not your average pub* – and the highlights from the menu, other than the scotch egg, include English muffins and the poached pear desert…

The Eagle – Farrington, London

The eagle has, since 1991, maintained an amazing reputation in the English capital. It was known as one of the first of its breed, and the daily menus written out on the blackboards will keep you keen and satisfied. There is also an impressive range of beers and a smart wine list which is a crowd pleaser on a chilly winter night.

This pub is a definite all rounder, and the rich Southern European flavours bright something extra special to our favourite British dishes. Our recommendation is without a doubt the steak served with mouth-watering potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Hungry yet?

The Sportsman- Whitstable, Kent

And finally, if you want to escape the busy streets of London, we highly recommend heading over to one of the best pubs in the Uk, just 2 hours away on the train.

In fact, this pub has made it to the top 50 list a few years in a row and has won first place in restaurant magazine’s national restaurant awards in 2016! The seaside pub is all about its terroir products, which is the idea of selling and cooking local products only.

Better yet, the pub is mainly surrounded by countryside which also makes it the perfect hideaway from busy Soho and Shoreditch. Not sold yet? How about the fact that they make their own salted butter and sourdough bread? But don’t get me started on the fabulous clams and oysters served as a starter…

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