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It’s so easy to get sucked up by the busy lifestyle of London and other capital cities, but there’s also nothing nicer than a nice romantic getaway to give your lungs a break from the big smoke.

Although we love jumping on a plane and heading to the other side of the planet to get some sun in the Winter here at TWC, we’re also very into saving the planet and couldn’t think of a more inspiring way to get away without the faff and the guilt of boarding a plane. And whilst we can’t exactly vouch for the weather right outside London, we have some great addresses to make your stay special and delicious.

The Cotswolds

Ever wondered what the countryside from your favourite British rom coms took place? Look no further, as The Cotswolds is literally one of the most beautiful countryside in a 2 hour train journey radius from London. The ridiculously green and pleasant landscape will not only charm you but also enable you to immerse yourself in nature. You have a few options here, whether it is to book a luxurious hotel and spa with your special someone, or to find a cute hotel with a fabulous restaurant. We’ve actually been following The Wild Rabbit on Instagram for a while now, and can’t wait to try out their gastro pub as well as sit by the fire with a good book.

But if you only have a day to spare and are not looking for an overnight adventure, you can also plan a lads trip to shoot some clay birds, or just enjoy a nice walk around the countryside. This article on The Telegraph is actually filled with fun activities, from the chance to rent a vintage car to drive around the most beautiful corners of the area to trying out the best and cosiest pubs to enjoy a Sunday roast.

What would I rather do this weekend in The Cotswolds? Visit the Highgrove Royal Gardens with mom.


I’ve actually just booked a birthday trip to what is known as the hipster capital of England for my birthday and can hardly wait to discover the city! I’ve heard Bristol’s got it all, delicious bake goods, retro wine bars, fun night clubs and a great view from the Suspension Tower. The West Country’s capital is also known as a major foodie heaven, and you could easily spend 48 hours in Bristol doing nothing but… eating!

In the mood for a bit of a culture fix? Why not plan a night out at The Cube? But one of the things I am most looking forward to trying in this city, is the cider. Believe it or not, Thatcher’s Gold is on tap in most pubs in the city, and the Bristolians are known for their wonderful cider. They even host winter and summer cider festivals.

What would I rather do this weekend in Bristol? Walk along the famous Clifton suspension bridge on a romantic evening.


And finally, nothing will ever beat the charms of Oxford. This city is not only filled with history and beautiful architecture, but it is also a booming and thriving cultural hub with loads of great places to enjoy a quiet weekend away. Head over to the Bodleian library if the weather is not in your favour, it is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and it is breathtaking. Amid the ancient and less modern pubs in the city centre, you’ll also find some modern bars such as The House where you’ll be able to enjoy a well priced cocktail during happy hour, or Under The Pint Shop for a G&T.

All in all, we love a quick trip to Oxford for a rapid escape. After all, it is only a 30 mins ride from London, or 1 hour train ride from Paddington. Although we also like its biggest rival (Cambridge) Oxford does have the most picture-postcard cobble streets. Make sure you make a little list of things you would like to see as you won’t have time to do it all!

What would I rather do this weekend in Oxford? Going on a fun cruise down the river with a group of friends to see the sights that inspired Alice in Wonderland.

Here are some outfits you’ll want to pack on your next weekend away!

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