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The more friends you invite on a long weekend away – the more difficult it will get to decide on the ultimate destination. One of your friends might prioritize the beach, and the other might prefer laying by the pool. But no matter what, one thing everyone will always agree on is an affordable place to have a good time (i.e. still have plenty of money aside to have a good night). So to accelerate the holiday planning process and avoid endless WhatsApp group conversations, we’ve put together a list of crowd-pleasing destinations your friends won’t be able to say no to:


Highlight: The best part about Ibiza is most certainly its nightlife and private beaches.

For who: Party girls who also want to tan all day at the beach and shop in the old town.

We like: Ibiza is one of the most popular destinations in Spain meaning that you can find a return journey by plane under £100.

We don’t like: The stereotypical idea of the city as a party town only – if you stay in the old town you’ll discover one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Budget: £200-£400 pp


Highlight: The amazing wine and budget-friendly meals.

For who: This is a trip for the curious and amateurs of good food and drinks.

We like: The graffiti tour, the best time to get great photos in front of some of the coolest street art or the Time Out market for a tasty lunch.

We don’t like: The hills! Lisbon is not flat at all so forget about walking in your heels and make sure to pack your sneakers.

Budget: £200-£300 pp


Highlight: The beautiful art galleries and canals.

For who: Amsterdam is one of the most popular city-destinations but is not a place for beach bums! You can easily get to Amsterdam with the Eurostar from London at a reasonable price.

We like: Biking around the canals on a rental bike and taking Instagram pictures in front of the colorful houses.

We don’t like: How long you have to wait to get photos in front of the Amsterdam sign.

Budget: £150-£300 pp


Highlight: The clear blue water.

For who: Dubrovnik is in my opinion, the perfect balance between a beach holiday and a historical one. If you’ve got two types of friends, one can explore all of the gorgeous beaches around Dubrovnik, whilst the more curious ones explore all the history the city has to offer.

We like: Walking around the ancient city walls.

We don’t like: Avoid heading there in July-August, it gets very busy.

Budget: £150-£250


Images/Sources: Take Off With Love, Time Out Market, The Independent

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