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Although we are all craving a box of chocolate and a nice glass of red wine right now to cheer ourselves up, we also really need to jump back into healthy habits this month. I am not one to do dry January as my birthday is in a few weeks, but there are loads of ways you can cheer yourself up during this post-holiday season, and we’re here to prove it to you today!

The holiday season can truly trigger major low spirits for a number of reasons. You’ve just spent a lot of time with your loved ones and probably won’t see them before Easter, you got to spend time with your childhood friends that you hadn’t seen in a while, you ate a lot of nice food without worrying too much about your bank account and finally you got to stay in bed a bit later than usual without a worry in the world.

According to a research, approximately 14% of people experience “winter holiday blues” between the months of January and February which is medically identified as “Seasonal Affective Disorder”. These downs are also triggered by the high amount of stress you might have endured during the holidays, if you have a large family or hosted an eventful dinner.

Don’t worry too much however, because there are many ways you can manage your symptoms and get the help and support you need. We’ve also included some essentials for the upcoming seasons which you will want to add to your shopping carts right away!

The first rule to January blues is without a doubt to limit your alcohol intake, and adopt healthy eating habits. We will touch a bit later in the month about how to re-adopt a healthy lifestyle post-holidays but one of the reasons why it is vital that from the 1st of January you seriously take a step back into bad habits is because drinking can truly affect your mood, and amplify negative feelings you might have. We’ve all been there, that awful hangover that makes you more anxious than happy about last nights festivities.

Although you might have caught up on sleep over Christmas at your parent’s home or in the nice hotel you booked three weeks in advance, you never truly adopt a normal sleeping pattern during the holidays. Whether that is due to too much karaoke in the evening, or waking up to get the bread in the morning for everyone. Which is why you should set yourself a bedtime curfew for at least the first weeks of January. Being well-rested can not only improve your mood, but also help your skin and mental health! Start with 11pm if you find it hard to go too bed too early, and try and get to bed by 1o am by the end of the month.

Another great way to cheer yourself up is to get at least 30 minutes of sunlight each day. I know that’s not always an easy option, especially if you live in the UK like we do, but if sunlight isn’t an option for you than there is another great way to get endorphins by working out! Exercising will help fight chemicals that cause some of your holiday funk, so make sure you get on that treadmill at least once of week this month

Finally, another known way to avoid feeling down is to keep yourself busy, and what better way to keep busy than to help someone in need? Volunteering at a soup kitchen or a charity shop can really make you realise what that  holiday spirit really is about! We all know it’s all about giving to others, so if your family is far away and you’re feeling a bit lonely, giving your time to strangers that are alone will truly make your day, we promise!

To continue to cheer you up, here are some items that might just help you get there! Sometimes all you need is a warm bath, some face masks, new sheets and a beautifully scented candle to do the trick!

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