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Most of you will agree that nothing beats sliding in a comfortable bed outfitted with soft and smooth sheets after a long day at work. Having nice things around the house is definitely a side of luxury we strive to have here at TWC, and here are some amazing brands you can treat yourself to for the ultimate sleeping experience.

After all, you spend nearly a third of your life between your sheets so why would you want to satisfy yourself with scruffy sheets? Good news though, because there is a very rich variety of sheets in the market but we’re particularly excited by the organic textures and soft linens.


When choosing your design and sheet, always make sure you look at the fine details such as the colours, patterns but also the washing instructions. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics out there and many believe that it is one of the worst qualities you can have which is a complete myth. The best quality cotton is considered best with a lower thread count which will feel much softer and easier to wash. But remember that it’s the thread itself, and not the thread-count that matters so ideally you should be getting sheets that have a thread count between 180 and 300.

Cotton is also a great choice for any climate as it both traps heat, and lets cool air pass through in the summer. Cotton can also easily blend with other fabrics and patterns if you want to play around with some fun pillows and is most likely one of the most affordable choices out there.

Not sure what to go for? We personally love the Sol Organics collections as they work hard to minimize the impact on the environment whilst keeping their products affordable and luxurious. The Minneapolis-based startup has 100% organic cotton and fair trade certified linen and you can get a complete bundle for your bed for under £150. And their sister company Huut also offers good quality products, including the special Egyptian cotton for a relaxed and deep sleep… We also highly recommend the Tielle set of sheets to feel like you are sleeping in a five-star hotel room. Their sheets are made in beautiful soft colours and textures and made from single ply and long staple yarns.


If you’re truly ready to spice up your bedroom and want to try other and unique fabrics, why not treat yourself to a nice pair of linen sheets? Linen is hailed for its hugely breathable nature making it also a great choice for hot weather. The only downside of linen is that it’s less of a workable material making it hard for manufacturers to sell it at a lower price.

Be prepared to do a lot of ironing! In terms of brands, we absolutely adore The Linen Works, which can also be a great idea as a gift as they come wrapped up in beautifully boxed packaging with ribbons. Their linen is light, soft and comes in a nice choice of pastel colours. Talk about a dreamy sleep.

Bamboo, Jersey & Cashmere

And finally, your other choices of fabrics are bamboo, jersey and cashmere. Bamboo has become more popular in recent years thanks to its sustainable and natural qualities worth considering. Jersey is a bit of an odd one as it is often made from cotton but is entirely different from cotton. It’s also not very breathable and gives a tighter feel trapping in a lot of the heat in the winter. And finally, cashmere is a texture you might want to invest in if you are looking for a warm and still crisp sheet.

Once you’ve picked your texture, make sure you know the exact size of your duvet and bed, as well as the depth of your mattress. There’s nothing more disappointing than coming home with a gorgeous pair of sheets that don’t fit on your bed.

PS: Before you make your big purchase, you should also always check the washing instructions. If you don’t have space to dry your sheets in the open space, watch out for the tumbler dry symbol, and always wash your sheets in the recommended heat! So there you go, hope you have a good sleep and remember, we all deserve a little luxury every once in a while, and it should all start in your bedroom!

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