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Hosting a dinner at home can be one of the most gratifying and pleasant evenings to spend with friends and family. Now that we’ve entered a new season, a whole new range of fresh produce fills our supermarket shelves, ready to be transformed into hearty and tasty meals. Food aside, what’s missing that makes having your closest ones over that really gets you excited? Great new decor accents that not only set the mood, but are easily interchangeable from season to season.

For this episode of home decor, we tapped into smart designs that instantly elevate any room – whether it’s the kitchen, the living room or the dining area. There’s truly no need to invest in a big piece of furniture to give your home a new look; instead all you need is that *one* item that people will compliment on, and you will happily take all the credit. If home decor isn’t really your thing, and you actually came here for the fashion, don’t leave. I, myself have never been the biggest aficionado, but once it’s your turn to move into a home that is gasp! unfurnished, you’ll have no choice but start even if it’s just a mild interest in home decor. After all, that’s where you spend most of your time, besides the office!

We’ve seen a few trends gaining traction this season, why is why we’re adding just a few nuts and bolts to highlight the ones we really enjoy. Starting in the dining area, we’re loving eccentric plates, glasses and vases – the detailing in some of the designers mentioned below is truly incredible. Speaking of dining, you must get your hands on one of these serving trays that come in a variety of colours, all in a lacquered wood for an elegant touch. Not only are we investing in classic black wardrobe staples, we’re doing the same when it comes to our home. After just a quick glance, we fell in love with these black matte vases that can either be used to fill flowers with, but work just as well on their own. Some incredible finds that not only look like they’ve been shipped from Murano directly and cost less than £20 can be found at Anthropologie (cue this set of vases perfect for serving water on a bedside table in a guest room). For comfort and functionality, we’re investing in some new pillowcases; this Oxford-style in cotton with double borders is already in our shopping bag in both orcher and black. Lastly, why not upgrade your tableware and cooking utensils just in time for that one crockpot recipe you’ve been dying to try, thanks to this tomato-shaped cocotte by Staub?

But that’s not all – there’s much more where that came from, so keep reading and scroll through to shop!

Shop 21 home picks to transition into fall with style

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