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Do you ever sit there, on your beautiful lounge chair with the heat beaming on your sun-kissed hair and skin, contemplating why you decided to head to Costa Rica this year over Greece? Well, this might be a silly thing to do, you know to actually use my brain during my time off,  but I couldn’t stop thinking about the trend of holiday destinations after my trip to Marrakech and I decided to run my own little investigation on the topic.

The most obvious answer to my question I came up with was: travel agencies. I mean these money machine companies are so smart at selling us the best holiday package with simple words such as open bar, sushi nights, and yoga classes on the beach. But that still didn’t explain how they pick their best deals of the year or the destination that will make it on their Summer 2019 catalogue.

To be fair, holiday destinations have become such a trendy topic in the last few years (for me at least), that it has never been a question I asked myself before. This might have to do with my age or the fact that I am now paying for my own holidays, but there’s no denying that social media aka travel bloggers are highly influencing our holidays. But then again, does this explain why all bloggers seem to go to the same place?

Same goes with reality TV shows such as Made in Chelsea, who have along with half of the bloggers on my Instagram feed, summered in Hvar, Croatia.

So this was me just a few weeks ago, sitting on the edge of this amazing swimming pool in a country club just outside Marrakech, asking myself all these questions. I just couldn’t get my head around this strange social phenomenon and called the smartest person over to help me get the answer: my dad! Although he wasn’t surprised I was asking myself these questions, he didn’t think as bewildered about his answer as I did.  “It’s all got to do with politics” he answered, “If a country’s economy is down, they will ask other nations to help with their tourism economy and advertise for people to go there, it’s all based on relationships, politics, and favors.”

His answer made sense to me and I had thought about this before as we had discussed the importance of tourism in Morocco, especially in the Souks where a lot of the country’s poverty live. Of course, tourism helps a country out, but this still doesn’t explain the reason why this wave of “Instagrammable tourist” come from. And I secretly wanted to find a more romantic way tourism was influenced then relating it all back to the same old story of politics.

Which is why I made my own conclusion about the topic. Although I agreed with my father, I was certain that tourist trends are very closely linked to fashion trends, where the higher powers such as politics and economy have a say, but so do the creative industry, ie. the photographers, models, movie makers etc. What I mean by that is that vacation destinations go through trends as well, there are years where people are more or less influenced to go to lesser known places to gain more of a thrill, and other years where it’s much more in vogue to plan your vacation on weather conditions.

Also similarly to the way fashion comes about, there will always be trendsetters for vacations as well. All these celebrities and bloggers taking beautiful photos on a particular part of Greece or Croatia will always make it just that much cooler of a destination. And finally, we can’t forget life’s biggest influence on our social choices and behaviors: marketing! That’s right, ads and photos of beautiful clear blue Croatian seas, perfectly white French Alp slopes and colorful Indian markets has and always will be the most influential way we choose our getaway. So, where are you planning to go next summer?

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