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Who else is super excited to come home from work to cozy up in your favourite blanket with a warm cuppa and a good show? As you already know from our previous Fall fashion focused pieces, we’re sad to see Summer come to an end as we cherish our last al fresco dining and glasses of rosé in the park, but we also feel like this shouldn’t mean your mood has to be completely down! So cheer up, and spend a few minutes putting the following shows in your watchlist before it’s too late! Remember, Winter is coming!

There’s nothing worst than flicking through Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and all the other million apps we have on our TV to search for something to watch, sometimes too much choice is too overwhelming. For one, your food will get cold, but you know you’ll end up watching something you’ve already seen such as Mean Girls, Friends or even (our all time favourite) The Office.

The Family – Documentary series

The first in our list has to be the five part documentary series; The Family. Based on the published investigative work from Jeff Sharlet, the show follows an organisation founded in the 1930s by a man called Doug Coe, which welcomed very important members such as senators, diplomats and religious leaders from countries around the world. It’s hard to know exactly what the group’s agenda is, other than to control the world, but you better watch it fast before your colleague reveals just a little too much at your next work drinks!

Mindhunter – Crime

If you haven’t seen the first season of Mindhunter yet, then you’re in for a treat as the second season just hit our watchlist and it has been a treat! If you’re like us and get a thrill from good old serial killer stories and crime podcasts, this is the show you won’t want to miss out on. This crime show depicts the way the FBI came up with the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit within the Training Division at the academy in Virginia. They interview imprisoned serial killers to understand how they think and how other future killers could therefore be thinking. The second season focuses mostly on the Atlanta Monster, the man that killed over 20 children in plain daylight…

Living with yourself – Comedy

Who else here has the biggest crush on Phoebe Buffay’s Mike? Well, our celebrity crush is coming back to the screens in October this year in a philosophical comedy show. Paul Rudd in Living with yourself will play a man who undergoes an experimental treatment to improve himself, only to find himself replaced by a clone… Curious yet? Not only does Paul not seem to ever age, from his appearances on Clueless to his most recent role in Ant-Man, the actor’s new show is said to be the best new thing, and we can’t wait to find out for ourselves!

Queer Eye Japan – Reality

Has anyone here NOT seen the previous three seasons of 2018’s biggest TV hit? It didn’t take long for Antoni, Tan and the gang to take over our hearts here at TWC, and we absolutely can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in Japan! This will be the first time the show is filmed outside of the US, and the new foreign challenge is set to be bigger and better than any other seasons. What do you think Antoni will cook up? And will Bobby design with amazing Japanese furniture? We’ll find out in October, but until then, there’s no harm in re-watching the earlier season for a little cry… of joy!

Peaky Blinders – Crime

That’s right, our favourite bad boys from Birmingham are back, and they are now on Netflix! This show has won acclaim all over the world and the latest season is said to be the best one yet! The 1920s gang series really does something for everyone, between the sharp suits that will make some women weak in the knees, fearless action that everyone adores and the well produced period costume and theme. All four series are on Netflix and you’ll want to catch up fast before the newest season hits Netflix in your country.


What show are you most excited about to catch up on next season? Is it Britain’s best crime show yet, or are you dying to see the Fab Fives in Japan?

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