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It’s that time of the year again! That tradition of bringing your happy co-workers some festive joy with a simple gift. It can however be a bit of a headache to find the ideal present for that one colleague whose name you picked but never heard of before, which is why we’ve put together a list below that’s appropriate and the right price bracket for your company Christmas party.

Although we’re a small team here at TWC, we know how difficult it can be to pick a good gift when you’ve been given someone you barely know but still want to get them something nice nonetheless! It’s not because you never chat to Megan at accounting that she doesn’t deserve something useful, same thing goes with joker Pete at HR!

Something For The Office

Everybody I know loves a good old notebook or any office stationaries, and the UK is literally filled with nice shops that sell those items. There is a choice between more upscale ones such as Liberty, Harolds or John Lewis, or if you have a lower budget than head to Scribbler or Paper Chase! Both have a very wide range of products from fun staplers to pretty pens and gorgeous notebooks, there’s something for all your co-workers.

Something Funny

Did you happen to pick the office clown? Do you know for a fact that they will love getting something fun to make the entire office laugh during the Christmas party? Then look no further and get him or her something that they might not keep for a very long time, but that will really spice things up for the evening.

Something Practical

People love a good hand cream, cute mug or even extra phone charger to keep in their desk drawers, which is why something practical made it to our list of gifts this year. The good news is that all these items are very much on the lower price bracket.

Something Personal

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have picked someone you know really well, don’t be afraid to pick something personal or even reminiscent of an inside joke. This could be anything from a book you’ve talked about, something you know they want for their next trip to Thailand or even a little something to let them know you care!

We hope you have an amazing Christmas work party and that your secret Santa loves their gift!

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