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I am 100%  that girl that likes to listen to the same song 3 times in a row, and although I love discovering new artists, I just don’t take enough of my spare time to properly look into what and who I should be listening to. I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating than being the last person to have heard the most buzzed about summer tune, so here are some artists you better watch out for.

The most interesting aspect of 2018 in regards to what audiences are listening to and festival goers are looking for, is that growing interest in foreign language music. Since the huge success of songs like Despacito (the ultimate good vibes on the beach tune), people are more and more drawn towards different styles of music.

Áine Cahill

Áine Cahill is a pop singer/songwriter from County Cavan, Ireland and we find ourselves hypnotised by her irresistible vocals and catchy electronic beats. If you’re not familiar with her songs, we strongly recommend either Blood Diamond or Plastic (below).


Now heading towards the other side of the English channel is French singer Fishbach (Flora Fischbach). The 26-year-old songwriter is already making a buzz in France and is awakening that much-needed pop scene in the rest of Europe. Her style is quite dark and heavy with gorgeous French lyrics.


This London-based dream team is one to definitely look out for. They’re beautiful, talented and have filled that lost concept of a fun, youthful and good pop band. We love all their songs, but strongly recommend you watching their music videos, reminiscent of the 90s story-telling video we used to love.


Kathy Yaeji Lee, known as Yaeji, is a Korean-American electronic music artist from Brooklyn. Her style combines house and hip-hop with mellow vocals sung in both Korean and English. You most likely will have never heard this style of music before, and her unique approach to house music works marvellously well either on your headphones or in a club.


Featured image by YouTube

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