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Being locked in your home pretty much 24/7 can definitely send us stir crazy but can also enable us to find somewhat creative (and mad) ways to keep busy. It seems that the closer we’re getting to being free to roam around our cities, we’re all much happier to share the unusual things that have been happening behind our closed doors.

Whereas most of us liked experimenting with beauty products, others made drastic changes in their lives which may, or may not have gone the way they expected. Funnily enough though when I asked this question to my entourage, most of them didn’t think their “story” would be interesting enough. Could that mean that the “new normal” has already started to settle in? I guess only time will tell.

Don’t forget to head over to our last article where people shared the first thing they were going to do once the end of the lockdown is announced, and in the meantime here are what people have been up to at home:

“The wackiest thing I’ve done during lockdown is… Brazilian waxing. I literally never, ever thought I would have to do it myself, but I have and let me tell you: it wasn’t great”

“The wackiest thing I’ve done during lockdown is… giving my long-haired boyfriend a balayage.”

“The wackiest thing I’ve done during lockdown is… this is a tough one! I’m not sure where to start. Is it me quitting my job thinking this would be the best opportunity for me to find a new one? Or me breaking up with my girlfriend to finally getting back together? You pick”

“The wackiest thing I’ve done during lockdown is… ordering way too many wine subscription boxes. In my defence I got a lot of good deals but unsure how my bank account feels about that.”

“The wackiest thing I’ve done during lockdown is… trying to find the right hair colour online, whilst not having a clue what my hairdresser used on me. After three tries I’m happy to let you know that I’ve finally nailed it, but  next time this happens I might just have to deal with it and wait for the next appointment!”

“The wackiest thing I’ve done during lockdown is… getting slightly addicted to buying from Instagram ads. From blackhead to dead skin removing devices, I think I tried it all!”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done whilst working from home? Let us know in the comments below!

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