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As you might already have heard, the European real estate sector is set to be one of the best investments for 2020. This is not however true for all cities in Europe, so here are the top 3 cities you should be investing your extra cash on.

This year (and for the first time ever) the Portuguese capital is leading the ranking of the best European cities to invest in real estates, and has stolen Berlin’s place. Berlin has been the leader for a few years now, but is now found in second place, just before Dublin.

In fourth place is one of our favourite Spanish cities: Madrid, quickly followed by Amsterdam, Hamburg and Helsinki. We were surprised however, to find out that one of our all-time favourite cities Barcelona was now found in 27th place, far behind Paris, Prague, Milan and Oslo.

Where do we recommend you buy your next (or first) flat? Here’s our list with some strong arguments that might just help you out!


What has for a really long time been considered the ultimate vacation destination has seen a lot of demands in property since 2018. This is due to a few favorable tax rates for both students and residents, but also because of the high price decrease in property. According to Caetano Real Estate (a Portguese estate agency) the city already had a popular demand and interest in real estate in the last few years due to new luxury high-end developments from South Africans, Germans and French buyers, but there has been a recent increasing interest from Canadians, Americans, Brazilians and Italians in the past year.

Other than the amazing weather, the mouth-watering food and the vino verde, we’re not sure why you wouldn’t want to have a holiday home in the Portuguese capital! Did we mention how friendly Portuguese people are?


Whist cities such as Berlin and Dublin continue to be on the top of the list of Europe’s most popular real estate investment, we are also seeing a lot of emerging cities that are offering a great financial value. Which is the reason why we wanted to talk to you about the capital of Croatia: Zagreb.

The city has all the signs of reaching that explosive growth in the next 2-3 years. The country itself has recently seen an increase in businesses, strong signs of market potential and overall tourism meaning that the country is seeing an massive increase in real estate interest. In the past 12 months for example, there has been a 30% increase in homes being advertised on Airbnb or other travel agencies in Zagreb, and the demand for vacation rentals has doubled. We won’t be able to tell you how Zagreb will be doing in the next few years but it seems like all odds are in the Croatian capital’s favour at the moment!


The Netherlands is usually at the top of the housing market but it seems like the capital city of Amsterdam is seeing a decrease in buyers interest in the last years due to larger urban areas being more worth investing in the rest of the county. Which is where Rotterdam comes. The city is about an hour drive from Amsterdam, and half an hour away from The Hague.

Can you imagine the fun trips to Amsterdam you could plan? Not to forget the potential to rent out your flat to couples looking for a quick getaway from Paris or London.

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