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Let’s just take a second to remember how insane this summer was in London. That’s right, it felt like we lived in the south of France, or even Spain! But we’ve got news for you: this is just the start. According to The Guardian, this sudden heat wave is only only going to get worst for our lovely planet earth if we don’t make a radical change.

There’s honestly nothing mysterious about climate change. It’s always on the news and we know that the world has got to move away from fossil fuels and innovate towards renewable energy. According to a study published in the journal Earth System Dynamics, we could very soon cross a point of no return, which would then make it impossible to keep Earth’s temperatures from rising on a yearly basis. Meaning that this transition towards renewable energy is not even an option, it’s a must.

Not sure what we’re talking about here when we talk about fossil fuels and all that? Burning fuels on earth releases carbon dioxide and other gases which alters the Earth’s atmosphere in a way that has led it to actually trap more heat from the sun as it is meant to trap. This means that global temperatures on planet Earth have crept up, and keep on rising year after year. Putting it simply: the more gases we produce in the atmosphere, the more heat will get trapped, and the hotter we will be.

To tell you the truth, the reason why I got really into the issue of global warming was after reading about the effect of global warming on… Champagne! English sparkling wine is, according to the Environment Secretary, becoming better than Champagne because of the warmer temperatures. The British vineyards are now being rated higher than the French wineries and this could be a huge industry boom for the Brits! This makes me a bit upset to be honest, as a proud Frenchwoman but it makes complete sense. The higher temperatures have made the chalky soil of parts of England much more adequate for vineyards and the ones of the Champagne regions of France, too dry.

So although these higher temperatures are very close to a point of no return if things don’t change in the next 30 years, we have seen a positive impact of this warmer weather, especially in the UK, in terms of tourism, economy and spirits. It’s a no brainer that when the sun is out, people go out of their houses much more and therefore spend more money. They go to the park, eat out, do more outdoors family activities and people tend to overall become much more relaxed, and happy. This summer felt a bit like being abroad, whilst still enjoying your home.

But it isn’t right to look at these drastic weather changes in a positive light, especially when looking at the terrible fires that took over southern Europe. Greece, Spain and Portugal all suffered great loss and destruction from fires due to record (and honestly insane) temperatures that reached up to 48 degrees! And of course, you can’t forget the melting ice and rising sea levels in some of the most beautiful parts of the world… In comparison to this (think about the poor polar bears) the benefits of a warm summer look trivial.

So what can we do to help in our day-to-day lives? One of the most common ways to contribute to saving the planet starts in your homes. Make sure you watch how much water and power you use at home, and start looking into ways you can help the cause. For example, you can look into “green” utility companies that generate its power from wind or solar energy, or if this isn’t something you’re not comfortable with, why not start by taking a look at your electric bills and where you could save some power and use renewable sources? I know, this might all sound a bit too overwhelming but it will make a huge difference, we promise!


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