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As you already know from a previous article on feminism, throughout history, the meaning of feminism has been given many different definitions and reputations. But the rise of empowered women in Hollywood and other platforms, thanks to movements such as #MeToo has also changed the meaning of a few common words and have sparked controversy, especially with the signification of being sexy. 

Let’s get one thing straight: sexiness and feminism are in no way mutually exclusive and can easily be intertwined. The biggest spokesperson for this statement is no other than the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski. Not only is the gorgeous model a stunning human being, but she is a also a badass feminist that inspires women all over the world to fight gender categorisation and stereotypes.

In an interview with Vogue Austria, the model went into more detail about her looks and why she believes her Instagram account is a “feminist magazine”:

“I think of my Instagram as a magazine,” she told Paper magazine. “It’s a sexy feminist magazine.”

It’s however important to say that being a feminist shouldn’t necessarily mean you have be as sexually empowered as Emily is about herself and her image. Feminism is the fight for gender equality, which means that it’s about choice, and each woman is entitled to their own action for finding empowerment.

Self-empowerment is a very complicated aspect of feminism to look at. For example, some people might find it by posting sexy social media pictures, whilst others will find other ways to feel empowered in more conservative ways. Which brings us back to the reason why the definition of sexiness has greatly evolved over the years.

“No-one should be shaming anyone, and women especially should not be shaming other women,” Emily told Vogue. “I think there’s a whole other level of women who are sexy and are promoting their sexiness or are comfortable with their sexinesss; they especially don’t want to hear it from them.”

Chairperson and Indian politician NCW Mamta Sharma, who kicked up a controversy with her remark that to be called sexy should not be taken in a negative sense, today said that with time the meaning of this word has also changed.

One of the popular aspects of feminism, is also the importance of finding that ownership of your body. Feminists throughout the years have encouraged women to speak to what they wanted and have tried to shift the narrative of sex from a women being passively involved to being actively involve.

But all this said, Emily’s argument for her nude Instagram photos as being the next wave of feminism isn’t accepted by all and can be easily disputed against. Sure, it is more acceptable to be vain and sexy on social media thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and others, but is the fact that being sexy as a norm a good thing? We feel like it is debatable and should still be controlled in a sense, especially regarding the younger generation.

Some will argue that being sexy could also be shown with brains and talent, so why do celebrities all over our social media now feel the need to show just a little more skin, and a little less clothes?

We would like to know what you think about this new meaning of the word sexy and whether you believe this is the start of something new? Do you think that self empowerment is best represented by embracing your body, or do you think there are other (and most significant) ways you could feel sexy without taking your clothes off?

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