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There’s something quiet poetic about tattoos and they are also one of the most popular ways to express yourself for life. Getting inked up is much more than just buying a statement t-shirt or piercing your nose, it’s about designing your own identity, remembering a loved one but also to express an important message. Tattoos are particularly popular in the celebrity world, and here are some of the coolest and sometimes weirdest, celeb tattoo and the stories behind them.

You would hope that most of your favourite singers, athletes and actors out there will think carefully about what they get permanently inked on their bodies but although some have deep and meaningful stories behind their latest tattoos, others just followed a dare, or had a little too much to drink…

David Beckham: his children

The English footballer is a celebrity who isn’t shy of getting new tattoos, as he currently has about 40 different ones across his body. The most popular one however is the three baby angels lifting Jesus up from his tomb, representing his children. Quite unique you might say?

Rihanna: the art

Rihanna is another big fan of the art of tattoos and told Vogue that she sometimes likes to hang out at tattoo shops and she adores the culture and art of it all. Her most popular one is her most recent one on her chest that reads “Never a failure, always a lesson” as well as her beautiful cascading stars tattoo on her back.

Sophie Turner: her grandfather

Our favourite Game of thrones actress Sophie Turner has also got a tattoo, but hers is on her finger. The tattoo is a simple letter G on her pinky, in honour of her grandfather who she claimed is her hero on Instagram.

Kendal Jenner: a drunken mistake

It can be hard to understand why models and people that need to keep their looks a certain way for their careers would risk getting a tattoo, and especially drunk. But on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kendall Jenner showed off a lip tattoo that simply ready “meow”. What does it mean? Nothing she said, she was drunk and meow is the first thing that came to her head. Disappointed?

Miley Cyrus: Mary Jane

And finally, we’ve just got to talk about Miley Cyrus’s tattoo of her beautiful dog. As you’ve most likely already seen on her social media, Miley is a massive animal lover and has over 10 pets at home, including pigs and horses. She has also got a tattoo of her fish, Pablow and sheepdog called Emu. You could say this is a strong way to show her devotion and love to them!

What are your thoughts on getting inked up? Do you find it a nice way to give homage to your favourite people or are you not convinced it should have any meaning at all? We would love to know what you think in the comments below! 

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