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I think it would be an understatement to claim that face masks are this year’s most purchased accessory but there’s no reason you can’t make it a fashionable one! Between 100% sustainable fabrics and striking patterns, we’re here to make sure you get the best face mask possible to meet your own and your planet’s needs.

For most if not all of us, wearing masks in public is now either mandatory, encouraged or just the right thing to do for yourself and your loved ones and believe it or not, we think we’ve found some that you’ll enjoy pairing up with your outfits.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that masks are an essential accessory at the moment but beyond the possible discomfort you may feel whilst wearing them, it’s also vital that you also think about the environment impact they could also have on the planet. A very unfortunate outcome of this pandemic has got to be the increase in disposable masks and as a conscious consumer, you’re probably aware that there are very little reasons to purchase a short term one if you aren’t going to be exposed to hospital settings for example.

Since you’re going to wear a mask anyways, why not choose one that reduces pollution and potentially also make an eco-fashion statement as well? We hope you’ll agree when we say that you can easily make anything look good these days, which is why we invite you to shop with us right away! Better yet, why don’t you share a lovely picture on your IG with us?

To start, there are a few websites which we invite you to check out which outline the importance of either making your own handmade mask, or purchasing a reusable one. The one that I personally found most informative was masks4all.

In terms of shops themselves, we recommend Wearth, which is a London based company we adore, Californian brand Groceries Apparel is also a great brand which only uses 100% GMO-free and recycled materials, or Tonle who are dedicated to have a low-waste and ethical company to support Cambodian artisans and families.

We also love the designs created by OhSevenDays, which promotes slow fashion and circularity and is based in Istanbul but our all time favourites have got to be American brand Threads4Thoughts which uses a rand of sustainable materials as well as fun designs.

Don’t hesitate to also look up your favourite sustainable brands as they might also be producing masks! All you’ve got to do is ask them or use the search function on the website.

Stay safe everyone & please remember to shop sustainably!

Featured images via Everlane

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